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what’s going on YouTube it’s your girl Belen back at it again with another video it’s gonna be a workout review workout by Katie’s review so she is a queen of booties we all know if you know her you know that she is the queen of loonies I also never seen something so perfect so shout out to you girl for that hard work for that booty because I wish I wish I had that I wish but you know I’m working on it something mm-hmm she actually has a bunch of different like workouts of and you can just go to to her like Instagram let me show you so yeah so over here she has like a bunch of things and she also has the link to her website where you can go and see all of the different work out she had out she has a a weekly builder and then she has a weak Beachbody transformation than a week would you build her for home the one I personally love and I’ve been using it for more than two months which is a week’s obviously I’ve been actually using it for like four months because first time I tried it it wasn’t really super consistent but then I you know even if you’re not like you don’t follow a program like to the teeny you’re gonna kiss me some bristles I actually got the advance booty program cuz I already go to the gym and everything but I needed something that will focus on that area you know my peach area so I decided to get these program yeah $64 and it’s very worth it it is easy no it’s not easy you have no experience with weight or going to the gym then maybe she has a bunch of different programs out and maybe just take a beginner program but this one is specifically the a week’s like and then it’s the new building program you are gonna see it results yes you are in a sailor suit but it’s not easy you know like I’ve been doing the same thing for like four months and I did at first and it was harder because I got my body had to get used to all the exercises the weights and everything and also I wasn’t pushing myself as much because the exercises were really hard so first I focus like on the forum and then the second time I tried it I push myself harder you know like I tried a lot harder I was doing I was actually doing the white she was telling me to do and everything so the results are a lot more visible like I can see them everyone can see it all my friends can see it but it is something that obviously if you’re really committed like you can follow these programs like two months you know eight weeks but if you are just you know we’re all different we all have different body types and just with me I knew that I really wanted to get their form down first and then like [ __ ] is on like you know lifting my weight after so it’s for me it’s like I’m not in a rush to reach my body goals or anything like that I just you know want to make sure I’m learning something new and my body is like slowly changing like I don’t care if it takes a little longer but I want to make sure like I actually do the exercises right let me show you so basically you sign up so that when I got is the one like you get sent emails every week we’ll take getting friend week split out of like exercises okay so week one then you get your email and then over here you actually get a you get to download a week photo card so then you can like capture like the process I’ve really to take pictures so then you can actually see the process and they have these things like on Instagram where you can like post and a bunch of girls are inspiring each other and then you can see each other’s like progress and then catch on your teams are really cool and they will calmly really encourage you and motivate you like they’re really cool so and honestly I really believe in progress pictures because it’s really hard to be motivated every single day if I’m lucky I go to the gym for five days a week but as long as I go four days a week I’m good with that like my body can take that you know so and then you get that and then you get a bunch of exercises that you can like check out the photo thing and then the different exercises and then you get a every week you get this thing which is you get all of your workouts work with one and then you can see like on Monday you do that and then Tuesday and then they have challenges and stuff they’re really cool and yeah so you even have till day seven which is more like stretching on everything you know like this workout is so complete and he’s not like you’re gonna because it’s a booty program so you’re just like you know like it’s not really good to Train booty every single day because your muscle have to live recover it well these exercises are focus on the booty but it’s a full program a full body like workout kind of program because on Mondays let’s say you focus on booty all right and then on Tuesday there is like a challenge so it’s more like core and then on on the third day you do a little bit of upper body and some time in most of the times your upper body like where out will include a little bit of like your booty you’re not necessarily will be I mean you’re not really doing weight with your booty but you are like I don’t know there’s like the core and everything in like your booty has to be tight so it’s basically everyday is working out your booty in a different way but it’s not really hurting your muscles I don’t know if it makes any sense and I don’t know why I move my hands so much when I look like who does that okay so then um and then you have a rest day which is the day before and then day five you go really hard on your being again basics you do a little bit of like cord and resistant and like abs and stuff like that and then day seven I actually never made it till day seven because I don’t know I just rather have to rest days you know buzz basically yoga like a bunch of like stretching and stuff so every week for eight weeks you get an email with all of the different exercises and he’s not like they’re the same they’re very like well like mix together and also it’s like since you started with these exercises in the first week it is easier right so every week is almost like she’s building up your resistance and like you have to start putting more weight and like it’s a lot more challenging it’s like I don’t know honestly is amazing so worth it and there are a lot of money that you pay for like I know that there are some apps that you have to pay $20 a week for $20 a month or something like that this is like a one-time kind of thing then you’re gonna picture okay so now you guys I’m sure you’re like I know you keep saying like there’s results and the main and everything and I promise you this is not sponsored I don’t know I don’t know that and I just I am just very grateful because they created such a good program for like everyone and it’s very affordable and I think everyone should try it so let me just show you like some progress pictures some when I started and then to now and obviously like my body of course it has improved a lot but it’s not there yet you know like it can be you can get a lot better so I’m working on that right now but you can still see like a lot of change so right now let me just show you the my physic real quick [Music] this is a 100% honest review I truly believed in me sperm it will give you a result every week you will see result please just go to workouts back at ya and check it out check it out for yourself that’s all I’m gonna link it down below if you guys want to interested and looking like into the program I’m doing right now dis away bit by a mosquito [Music]

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