Ways to get rid of fast food addiction

Have you ever been able to pass in front of a fast-food restaurant, without being attracted to the delicious smell inside?

Frequent fast-food restaurants, restaurants that serve meals full of calories are common,

so are there effective ways to get rid of the fast food addiction that causes weight gain?

Nutritionist Sakina Al-Qadi

Secret the delicious scent

Nutritionist Sakina Al-Qadi explains to Madam readers, “Fast food takes over most of the senses because of its attractive smell, as a result of the use of monosodium glutamate,

a substance that is added to food, which contributes to opening the appetite.” The specialist adds that “fast-food restaurants attract attention to their colors and decor,

because Most restaurants use red and yellow in their interior, colors that stimulate the senses and appetite … “

What happens to the body after eating a quick meal for the first time?

The stage of recognition of food begins from the mouth, which detects the flavor, whether it is salty or sweet, delicious or bad … and in these restaurants, most people like the taste of meals,

to use the appropriate chemical combination of sugar, salt and fat ratios,

which stimulates the brain and traps it to make eating These meals are usually essential in life. Like an addict, a person sees himself asks for fast food, and is unable to resist it,

because this type of eating provides him with a temporary feeling of happiness,

because it stimulates the secretion of the hormone dopamine (the hormone of happiness),

which enhances the emotional eating habit, and leads to eating very high calories during the day .

Studies indicate that each meal of fast food may contain about 836 calories,

which is about a quarter or half of the calories that a person needs in the day!

Nutritional advice to reduce calories in a fast food restaurant

Replace the soft drink, water or coffee:

In an average cup of soft drink, about 250 calories,

and thus substituting water and black coffee for the soft drink,

it helps to save the number of calories consumed per day.

Replace with “beef burger sandwich”, grilled chicken sandwich: Grilled chicken breast is one of the favorite options on the menu of fast food restaurants. In order to save more on the price of the meal,

it is advised to choose to put the food sauce next to the plate,

in order to control the amount consumed from it.

Replace french fries, salad:

the salad will contribute to an increase in the feeling of satiety, as it contains fiber,

which will reduce the number of calories consumed.

Choosing spicy foods:

Hot foods reduce the amount of food you eat, which saves a number of incoming calories to the body.

The right choice:

Thinking about what you will eat in a fast food restaurant may contribute to limiting options with ample calories,

which will positively affect health and weight.

No double “burger” or more cheese per meal:

On fast food lists, there is an option of double burgers, or an option of more “cheddar” cheese … In return, you should choose the smaller meal in an effort to reduce calories intake .

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