The most important benefits of plank exercise for women

The plank exercise helps build and strengthen muscles, especially the abdominal muscles. In the following, the method of performing the plank exercise, for women.

Wholesale benefits

The most important benefits of plank exercise for women
The plank exercise is one of the most effective exercises in toning your body muscles
The plank has become very popular recently. For its many benefits, which are:

The exercise is based on very simple movements, but it is very effective, compared to some other exercises that include bending, bending or twisting movements, which may sometimes cause pain in the joints or back.
The plank strengthens the core muscles, which are a series of muscles in the midsection that are used for most forms of movement. Although it is not located in the arms or legs, it helps transfer strength from one end to the other, or is used in addition to the muscles of the arms or legs to increase its strength. Thus, the ability to move around and exercise is further improved.
This exercise is ideal for the abdominal muscles. It engages major muscle groups, including the transverse abdomen, the rectus muscle, the external oblique muscle, and the gluteal muscles.
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Strengthening each muscle group
The most important benefits of plank exercise for women
The plank exercise builds and strengthens all the muscles in the body
The importance of strengthening each muscle group cannot be underestimated. The performer of the exercise notes the following:

  1. Increased ability to lift heavy weights.
  2. Improved athletic performance, especially jumping. This muscle group is also responsible for giving the abdomen a sculpted shape.
  3. Improve the ability to bend both sides of the waist.
  4. Strong back.
  5. Strong shoulder and arm muscles.
  6. Stretch the chest muscles.
  7. Stretch the muscles in the legs, the buttocks, and also the buttocks.
  8. Increased flexibility of the muscles that surround each of the collarbones.

Reducing injuries

The most important benefits of plank exercise for women
The plank exercise helps reduce lower back pain
On the other hand, the plank exercise reduces the risk of injury to the back and spine. It also significantly reduces neck pain and lower back pain. And tighten the muscles in those areas. Moreover, it improves the balance of the human body; Anchored to balance.
And it softens the stiff muscles in the neck area, due to sitting for long.
It stimulates blood circulation and enhances fitness.
Plank exercise enhances the metabolism and ensures that the metabolism rate remains high, even during sleep, especially while maintaining its performance, daily.
Contributes to the burning of “stubborn” fats in the body. Hence, weight loss.
Treats “cellulite”, and eliminates the flabbiness in different areas of the body.
Improves human mood, aids in sleep.

Steps of the plank exercise

The most important benefits of plank exercise for women

How to perform the plank exercise

To achieve satisfactory results, when practicing the plank exercise, the following steps must be adhered to:

After lying on the ground, lower the forearms towards the ground, so that the elbows and fists are all flat on the ground, and the palms are rounded and directly below the shoulders. Then, fold the toes down, using the muscles of the body by tilting the pelvis and pulling the navel towards the spine. Care must be taken to keep the neck and spine not arched, and to direct the gaze forward, rather than looking up or letting the head descend down, provided that the body is a strong, single line, from the head to the heels of the feet. Then, the abdominal muscles are bent, without allowing the hips to bend.
Hold the plank position between 30 seconds and 60 seconds, or until the body feels no longer standing. It is possible to take a break, then repeat the exercise, for fifteen times.

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