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The best arm muscle exercises for beginners .. for a strong and attractive appearance

Certainly the best exercises arm muscles for beginners are the most important muscles exercises arm into account the capabilities of muscle for beginners in terms of sizes of those muscles and the strength and cohesion of the fiber and muscle tissue constituent,

with the presence of dozens of exercises arm muscles strong and effective must select athletes neophytes them arm muscles exercises that Prepares and prepares their muscle formation and prepares them for the next stages, where the stronger exercises and the largest weights.

For beginners .. these exercises are best suited to the muscles in the arms (video)

In the next report, according to the muscle and fitness site, we will highlight the most important exercises for the arm muscles for beginners that have wonderful effects on the biceps and triceps muscles

and ensure the emergence of wonderful positive results regarding the enjoyment of strength and size


For the most important goals of arm muscles exercises for beginners,

the establishment of strong arm muscles from different parts and areas; A top priority is to give the athlete a strong, capable arm that provides support when exercising stronger arm muscles .

This is why the HAMMER CURL exercise is among the arm muscles exercises for beginners to provide strength and bulk to several muscle formations in the arm muscles, such as the forearm muscles as well as the biceps muscle.

For junior athletes, exercises the most important arm muscles for them, such as the HAMM ER CURL exercise,

are best practiced through the dimple for four groups, the number of repetitions for each of the four groups ranges between 15 and 20 repetitions.


Of course, the presence of a great exercise like the CABLE ROPE CURL exercise in the arm muscles exercise routine for a beginner player will be a very powerful addition in strengthening the multiple muscle groups from the muscles of the arms down to the shoulder muscles .

For the importance of exercise CABLE ROPE CURL among the most important exercises arm muscles for beginners, this exercise works to strengthen and amplify the muscles of the forearms and muscle Rast next to the external and internal parts of the muscles Albaaseibes;

In addition to the triceps muscles , and finally the wonderful effect extends to include strengthening and increasing the flexibility of the shoulder muscles .

And because the method of practicing arm muscles exercises for beginners correctly is the most important guarantee for the emergence of its positive effects, practicing the CABLE ROPE CURL exercise in the form of 4 groups, with repetitions ranging between 15 and 20, is always the best way.


The CONCENTRATION CURL exercise is among the most important and most popular arm exercises among beginners or professionals alike. It is not only aimed at enlarging and amplifying the biceps muscles and strengthening them, but also gives them their attractive semi-circular appearance.

Perhaps one of the most important things related to beginners with regard to arm muscle exercises is attention to the correct and proper way of exercising, nothing positive will happen without guaranteeing that point,

so opening the thighs and fixing the area above the elbow for the target arm on the inner area of ​​the knee and choosing the right weight besides being careful to raise the dumbbells to The highest point when exercising is the healthiest way to exercise.

With periods of rest between the four groups of the CONCENTRATION CURL exercise, the number of repetitions of it will not differ from the above mentioned arm muscle exercises .


One of the great and strong arm muscle exercises that beginners and professionals are supposed to practice in the gym due to the wonderful and double effects, so is the CLOSE-GRIP BENCH PRESS exercise that targets the triceps muscles in a very strong and wonderful way;

The tight position of the two fists on the bar puts great pressure on the triceps muscles with an impressive effect on the upper pectoral muscles .

And 4 groups, each of which contains 15-20 repetitions, taking breaks between groups of no more than 90 seconds, are in any way the best ideal way to practice arm muscle exercises for beginners CLOSE-GRIP BENCH PRESS exercise.

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5- BENCH DIP Exercise

The momentary feeling of great results when practicing arm muscles exercises for beginners is guaranteed to you by some powerful exercises in terms of targeting the muscles, among them the BENCH DIP exercise that pushes a flood of blood to the two triceps muscles, which makes them more massive and strong in the very short term, as well as strengthening the shoulder muscles and muscles Chest secondarily.

Of course, the BENCH DIP exercise is an arm muscle exercise that can double its effect by hanging iron chains on the body or putting iron weights on the thigh.


This time in the list of exercises arm muscles will turn our great influence and strong for 3 groups and 20 repeatedly fixed for each of them to muscle Rast is primarily a muscle basic support of the movement arm and strength, this preparation strongly through a special exercise such as exercise REVERSE WRIST CURL will be something very special .

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