The bad soup diet is this seriously a diet?

Hot soup dishes are desirable in the winter, and they are taken by some in every main meal,

as part of a limited-day diet aimed at helping to lose body weight , quickly. What are the ingredients in a soup diet? Are there several copies of the mentioned diet? Does the soup diet really succeed in helping its followers, in terms of healthy nutrition and fitness?

There are several types of soup diet, the one that lasts from 7 days to 14 of them, with promises for its followers to lose 4 kilograms of weight, up to 7 of them.

Of course, the soup diet ends its followers from eating any dish of soup, adding the cooking cream to it,

because of the many calories of the mentioned variety, and its abundant fats. Conversely, dieting encourages eating homemade (or canned) soups that contain vegetables and protein.

As part of the soup diet, while some restrict their dishes to soup, others allow additional, low-calorie options, such as: lean proteins, non-starchy vegetables and fat-free or low-fat dairy products.

On the other hand, despite the absence of the principle of counting calories from the soup diet,

all of them recommend limiting the intake of foods rich in calories, in order to achieve body weight loss.

Cabbage soup diet

The cabbage soup diet invites its followers to eat cabbage soup and other low-carb vegetables for seven days. In addition to soup, the aforementioned diet tracker can eat up to two types of low-calorie foods, such as: skimmed milk or green leafy vegetables, per day, when feeling hungry.

Supporters of the aforementioned diet claim that he loses more than 4 kilograms of body weight, within 7 days.

Chicken soup diet

The chicken soup diet extends over seven days. He invites his followers to eat chicken soup at every meal (except for breakfast), which consists of: low-fat yogurt, low-fat cheese, whole grains (or bread) and fresh fruits. Supporters of the aforementioned diet claim that it helps reduce cravings, as it feels full.
It is known that chicken soup is low in calories and carbohydrates, because it is made from broth,

cooked chicken and a range of non-starchy vegetables, including carrots, kale, broccoli and cabbage, in addition to spices.

Dietitian’s notes

“Is the soup diet effective in losing weight?”; A question brought by “” to the nutritionist Sahar Jamal Al-Samad, and she answered, saying that “some studies link the role of the soup meal in increasing the feeling of fullness, and thus in reducing the number of calories consumed per day”, explaining that there is a need for studies Long-term, and more focused on the soup diet, to emphasize its potential benefits.

The nutritionist invites readers of “” who want to follow the soup diet, to bear in mind that the soup diet loses its follower of up to 5 kilograms or more from the weight of water from his body, not from fat.

Al-Samad highlights the regaining of the lost weight after stopping it,

after a week or two, unless the dieter is able to move to a more sustainable diet to lose weight.

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