The alphabet of the vegetarian diet

The number of individuals wishing to switch to a vegetarian diet, both male and female, is increasing, and in the youth group in particular, the new Corona virus pandemic has prompted many to attempt home cooking, reduce consumption, and be satisfied with basic food, as well as thinking about protecting the environment more, Preserving animal rights …

Specialist Yuna Al-Ghoussein

Individuals who follow a vegetarian diet fall into several categories:

• Vegetarians who eat eggs and dairy products, in addition to Lacto-ovo vegetarian foods, but they remove all kinds of meat from their meals.

• Vegetarians who eat dairy products, in addition to Lacto vegetarian foods, but they omit all kinds of meat from their meals, as well as eggs.
Vegetarians who eat eggs, in addition to Ovo vegetarian foods, but they remove meat from their meals, as well as dairy products.

• Vegetarians who eat fish, eggs and dairy products, in addition to Pescatarian vegetarian foods, but they remove meat and poultry from their meals.
• Vegetarians who follow a flexible vegetarian diet, which focuses mainly on plant-based foods, without excluding meat, fish, poultry, eggs and milk sinks, but in very little quantity.

• Vegetarians who follow the vegan, authentic diet, but exclude meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, honey and gelatin from their meals.

Vegan and healthy

In general, a vegetarian diet is considered healthy, as its ingredients are vegetables, fruits, vegetable oils, grains and legumes, all of which are nutritious and beneficial to the health of the body. However, some vegetarians may exaggerate and eat (vegetarian) sweets excessively, as well as sugars, fried vegetables,

and processed vegetarian foods, so they do not get any benefit, even if they remove any animal product from their meals! In this context, specialist Yona Al-Ghoussein explains to “” that “following a vegetarian diet correctly will make the individual enjoy a healthy heart, free from the second type of diabetes, while reducing blood pressure.

” “The latter is almost free of” cholesterol “, as it is rich in fiber, low in sodium and saturated fat, especially the vegan diet, the specialist explains to those wishing to switch to a vegetarian diet.

On the other hand, and contrary to the erroneous belief that the vegetarian system is boring and the food is limited in it, serious research in this regard shows a wide range of food categories, such as fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes …

Steps in the way of the vegetarian system

  1. The first step is to choose the desired vegetarian system, after searching in nearby stores for the availability of different types of vegetarian foods, as well as reviewing the food lists in nearby restaurants, and learning how to cook some vegetarian foods?
  2. In the second step, the date of starting a vegetarian diet is determined, whether by limiting the consumption of animal products directly, or going through a transitional phase that requires rationing of the mentioned products, such as refraining from eating them for two days a week, with an increase in the number of days, up to Delete it completely from the nutrition.
  3. When you encounter any difficulty in following a vegetarian diet, it is useful to consult a nutritionist, to help achieve the goal.

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