Stretching exercises for women

Most women pay attention to sports, to the role of being active in burning fat and maintaining fitness. What are the preferred exercises to tighten the flabby body ?

4 exercises to tighten sagging body

Exercises to tighten the body flabby for women and burn fat
Excessive body fat percentage compared to muscle ratio is the main cause of sagging skin. On the other hand, strengthening the body’s muscles requires providing a support for the body’s structure, through a specific set of exercises, called “resistance exercises”, which can be practiced at home for thirty minutes every day. To increase the effectiveness of exercises, light weights (dumbbells) can be used, provided that their weight does not exceed two kilograms for each.

Rotation exercise

This exercise helps strengthen and tighten the arm muscles
The exercise is performed according to the following: After standing straight, the feet are separated from each other at a distance parallel to the width of the hips. Weights are carried in each palm, with the arms bent so that the weight is facing the ribs, and the palms facing each other. Left rotation is achieved by moving the right foot, with the right hand pushing straight forward. Continue in the said position for twenty seconds, before alternating sides.
Repeat the exercise fifteen times on each side.

The swing exercise

This exercise is effective in boosting your metabolism
This exercise is effective in tightening the chest muscles, and is performed as follows: After standing upright, weights are carried in the hands, with the arm extended to the side, and a step forward with the left foot. The knees and joints are bent forward. The weight is placed in the right hand, which extends towards the right side. Then, the upper body is lowered so the weight is facing the ground. Continue the exercise alternating sides, quickly, while alternating the legs.
Repeat the exercise ten times, on each side.

The Planck Exercise
Stretching exercises for women
This exercise is useful in refining the body and tightening its muscles
This exercise is effective in burning fat and refining the body, and it is required to take a pressure position on the ground, with the arms extended facing each other, and the feet slightly straightened. The body should form a straight line from the head to the ankles. Then, the weight in the right palm is lifted up to the chest, with the weight in the left palm resting on the floor, supporting the body lift through the heels. Next, lower the body and repeat the same steps, using the left palm, continuing with alternating hands.
Repeat the exercise ten times.

Squat exercise

This exercise tightens the buttocks
Exercise is useful for stretching the muscles of the legs and buttocks. It is applied according to the following: After standing upright, with feet diverging parallel to shoulder width, weights are carried on each palm, and extended opposite the hips. And you must go down, with the left foot leaning forward until the left thigh is parallel to the ground, and the right foot is backward, then the body is pushed in the opposite direction, with the arms extended to the sides.
Repeat this exercise ten times on each leg.

Benefits of resistance training

Benefits of resistance exercise in slimming
Resistance training has wholesale benefits, whether in terms of maintaining fitness or general health. Here are some of the benefits of resistance training:

Strengthening and building muscles, tightening and refining the body.
Increase your metabolism rate, thus burning more calories.
Increasing stamina, flexibility and balance, which helps in doing daily chores actively.

Eliminate skin sagging.

Modify mood and boost self-confidence.
Strengthening bones and joints.
Reducing the risk of osteoporosis, protecting arteries and blood vessels from blockages that cause heart and stroke, as well as stimulating blood circulation, regulating blood movement in the body, and lowering high blood pressure.
Prevention of many common diseases, such as diabetes, back pain, heart disease and obesity.
Enhancing memory, thus reducing the possibility of developing Alzheimer’s.

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