Stomach balloon damage to lose weight

Despite the effectiveness of healthy slimming systems in losing weight,

some people fail to achieve this, especially those who suffer from binge eating or obesity,

and they are subjected to a gastric balloon to lose weight.

So what is a stomach balloon? Are there damages related to it?

Gastric balloon for weight loss

Damage to stomach balloon to download the stomach

The gastric balloon is a non-surgical measure aimed at reducing the stomach area.

Gastric balloon for weight loss, a non-surgical procedure aimed at reducing the size of the stomach, which helps in limiting the amount of food eaten, and in curbing appetite, and thus weight loss. It is applied by inserting a silicone balloon filled with water into the stomach,

with the help of an endoscope, under the influence of local anesthesia.

The aforementioned procedure does not take more than half an hour and is usually aimed at obese individuals, that is, those with a BMI of 30 or more.

Notably, the gastric balloon is a temporary procedure; The balloon is left in the stomach between six and nine months.

Then, the doctor removes the balloon, after achieving his goal of reducing excess weight .

Generally, the doctor promises an individual who chooses this procedure, to lose about 30 kilograms during the aforementioned months,

provided that a healthy diet is followed, during weeks 12 to 26,

accompanied by an exercise program.

Stomach balloon damage

There are damages after the stomach balloon procedure
Similar to other non-surgical treatments used to reduce weight, there are damages after the gastric balloon procedure, such as balloon shrinkage, which generates inflammation of the digestive system. The balloon may cause blockage, which requires urgent surgery to remove it.

On the other hand, a person may notice a change in the color of urine and stools due to the leakage of the solution in the balloon.

Other related damages are concentrated in excessive balloon inflation,

acute pancreatitis, ulcers, or a hole in the stomach wall due to the excessive pressure that the balloon exerts on the stomach wall,

or as a result of not following a healthy lifestyle, too much soft drinks, or not adhering to eating Medicines prescribed by the doctor.

It should be noted that

abdominal pain and nausea, after a short time after undergoing this procedure, are not worrisome, as the mentioned symptoms may last for a few days, then they will soon disappear.

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4 tips

It is recommended to eat slowly and chew food well after the gastric

balloon procedure

To get the desired results in slimming, after medical intervention, it is useful to adhere to the following tips.
1 . Adhering to a healthy and balanced diet after the gastric balloon procedure.
2 . Avoid overeating, to avoid indigestion.
3 . Take care to eat food very slowly, and chew well.
4 . Drink plenty of water before and after each meal.


The gastric balloon is not recommended for individuals with gastritis

Despite the ease of performing the gastric balloon, and the effectiveness of the aforementioned medical intervention in losing excess weight,

by 35% of actual body mass, it is not recommended for age groups under eighteen, and for individuals with chronic gastritis or stomach ulcers.

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