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[Music] hi thanks for coming to treadmill today were looking at the complete line of soul treadmills so we’ll make some of the highest-selling treadmills on today’s market and they’re all really sturdy and durable and well built machines their prices range from about $1000 to 2500 to pending on their promotion that’s going on does substrate on their website but we’re gonna be looking at their full line we have the F 63 the F 65 the F 80 the s77 the F 85 and the TT 8 comparing all this old treadmills together we’re going to look at the least expensive all the way up to their most expensive treadmill one of the things we really like about sole is that they give you most of the same features in every single one of their treadmills so even if you do have to take a price cut and lower your budget to one of their less expensive treadmills you’re not missing out on features like program options speakers fans and those sorts of things there are some features that will be affected by your price so one of those is the motor sole starts their lowest end model with a 3.0 CHP motor that’s excellent a lot of lines will do like a 2.5 CHP motor in their lowest price point treadmill then once you’ve you can have the 3.0 motor it actually goes all the way up to a 4.0 motor in your TT 8 and that’s the highest rated motor you’re gonna find in a treadmill so they have that range that is affected by the price another feature affected by your price is going to be your weight capacity but that’s not really a problem with sold because they notoriously have a higher weight capacity than most treadmill lines so even with their least expensive treadmill the F 63 you still have a 325 pound weight capacity compared to some treadmills that are much higher in price from other lines they still beat them by about 25 pounds so you range from a 325 pound weight capacity all the way to the TT 8 that has a 400 pound weight capacity so these are great treadmills for anybody that’s worried about the on their machine another thing you’ll find that varies not necessarily by price but it is a factor to consider is their folding ability so the F 63 is a folding treadmill – f 65 is a folding treadmill as well as the F 80 and the F 85 so you have two treadmills in the SOL lines that do not fold one is the s77 but the F 85 in the F the s77 are basically the exact same treadmill but the F 85 is folding and the S seven seven is not the TT eight it’s kind of no wonder with a 400 pound weight capacity that is not a folding treadmill but it is so durable and strong so make sense if you want something that’s higher up there with the weight capacity I’m probably not going to find one that’s folding as well one of their really great features in sole is the treadmills that do fold are very very easy to move so I’ll show you hold up the F 65 all of their folding treadmills come with their easy assist technology it’s basically just this hydraulic arm here that takes some of the weight off when you’re raising and lowering the deck um it’ll also lock into place and then it’s released by this lever in many treadmill lines they’re least expensive models do you not have a hydraulic arm to help with lifting they’re a little bit goofy but even the F 63 has the hydraulic arm once they are filled if there’s four wheels on the base so this is a little bit different than other treadmill lanes – and the four wheels make it really easy to move these treadmills see they just slide well as a lot of treadmills we’ll just have two wheels down here at the base do you have to actually pivot the weight onto those treadmills and then will your treadmill around to move it it’s still not super hard but it is a lot easier with the sole with their treadmills that don’t fold the s77 and the tt8 they just have the two wheels down here at the back of the treadmill so you lift this back end of the deck and then you can roll it around on those two wheels it’s pretty heavy the s77 is not quite as heavy as a tt8 so I feel comfortable doing the s77 maybe not pregnant I would feel comfortable doing the tt8 but it’s gonna take somebody that’s in good shape with the reliable back it is very very heavy anyway so you’re kind of your last feature that changes with the price point is going to be your display you can see here with the F 63 at the lowest end model it’s the smallest display screen and then as you go up in price point you’ll reach a 10.1 inch display so it gets a little bit bigger as you go up in price point the other difference is going to be the tech in their display so you have an LCD backlit screen in the f6 3 at the f6 5 and the F 80 then when you get over to the s7 7 the F 85 and to the tt8 they have a hi-def color screen it’s not a touchscreen but it’s still you know a little bit of a perk with your price dip besides that um there’s a slight difference on the running surface all these treadmills have a 22 by 60-inch running surface except for the up 63 which is a 20 by 60 which again when you compare the F 63 to other treadmills at that price point it’s still larger than what most will offer so that’s excellent they all are bluetooth capable so you can pair up any of their treadmills with their sole fitness app and you can pair them all with a heartrate chest strap monitor which every one of their treadmills comes with for free they all come with the two forms of heart rate monitoring they all have an audio plug that they come with and then the jack right here and then they all have the speaker’s where you can project your music out from the speakers on the console they all have these quick select buttons here they all have these other toggles here for changing your speed and incline on the handrails they all are a full steel frame with their steel parts it’s like a epoxy powder coating on all their steel so they call them bullet proof frames that be fun to test out and they all have their fans you know they’re really they’re so so similar in a lot of these aspects so you really get kind of the same awesome durable sturdy strong machine at any of your price point with the sole treadmills you can see here at that with the F 63 and S 65 they have a plastic foot rail that makes a difference up in these higher price points where it’s a metal foot rail I might kind of like those a little bit better cuz that’s a high traffic area that’s more susceptible to breaking but that’s most of their treadmills have the metal foot rail so that’s great too every single one of the treadmills from Seoul has a 12 mile per hour max and they all have the same in-kind range which is a zero to 15% incline they all have the same ten programs for your workout so you’re not missing out on any of those options no matter what price range you’re looking at and next we’ll go into just kind of all the awards we’ve handed out to Sol because there’s such a great red bowling so a treadmill reviews calm we categorize our treadmills kind of by price range so if you’re looking at treadmills under $1000 or between $1,000 and $1,300 you know those sorts of categories that’s how we like to compare them against each other for how much you’re spending what are you getting and really get them so a few of our top favorite award the F 63 is one of our top three favorite treadmills for anything that’s under $1000 then we have the F 80 right here which is one of our top three favorites for anything that’s between $1,000 and $1,500 so those are top three favorites in their categories if you are looking for anything between $2,000 and $2,500 our tt8 wins the Best Buy award it’s hands down our top pick in that category [Music] so bottom line when you’re looking at the soul treadmill line these are hands-down just great treadmills they’re so reliable so well built they have an unbeatable weight capacity for users that are looking for something that can support more weight they are at the perfect treadmill for anyone who’s looking for just a limited amount of programs and is very simple easy to use interface if you want to see their full reviews either video or written you can click on the links below where we go in-depth – into each one of these individual treadmills [Music] you

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