pure barre on demand

[Music] hello my name is Caitlin and welcome to your 45 minute pure foundations class so whether you’re brand new or you’ve been doing Pure Barre a bunch will try to go through a lot of options and modifications for you as you go through this class today we’re also joined by Elizabeth who will be giving showing you the workout full out today so she’ll be a great person to watch if you’re newer recovering from injuries we have Antonio here he’ll be showing you a few modification options throughout class today so all you’ll need is a light set of weights or no weights at all for the workouts and a light support maybe a cheer a wall or a countertop and with that let’s get started so we’ll bring the feet hip-width apart parallel stack the palms elbows wide lift your knees up and up so it’s just starting to wake up the body here floating your feet off the floor drawing the thigh toward the chest breathing keep lifting arms up so we start a lot of classes this way getting the blood pumping getting your energy up maybe you’ve been sitting all day add a pull at the arms we pull and pause drawing the elbows all the way to the ribcage and then reach your hands right back toward the ceiling each time strong poles strong lips add a rotation upper body cross and cross opposite elbow to opposite knee getting a little twist action through the ABS right away two more ticket backs inner temple strong one-two-three-four reach high five six knees up seven eight nine eight and let’s pop on down to the floor you roll back chinna chest singer legs on the diagonal zip them together point the toes arms by the side the strong pumps of the I’m do the brass inhale and exhale so these are strong times like you’re slapping water here coming right from your upper abs and just like Antonio knees can be bent here if you’re just working on this you could even set feet on the floor shoulder blades nice and high pump it out one more inhale and exhale two three four Bethenny’s arrest the hats let’s curl back up chin the chest reach your hands forward arms and legs out two counts we go out to pull it all back in two so key here both shoulder blades are lifted up off the floor maybe you find straight legs on a low diagonal or maybe they’re going a little higher to start here find what works for you two more on this next row let’s hold the legs out reach over to your right curl up with a hold up hold up freeze so this low dagon with the legs is getting our lower abs too as we works upper abs and the obliques just like Antonio maybe take feet down if you’re already feeling the burn in the ABS or just go for it other side curls up hold curl it up freeze you see if you can find a squeeze down the midline as well this whole we’re up section is about starting to get the core super engage for the rest of our workout hold it up hands behind the head curl side to side right left just ten times strong three four maybe like when it’s lower six seven eight nine and ten you bend the knees breast ahead little release for the ABS let’s zip to like that place the feet on the floor arms overhead sit it up for chemical arms she’s absent re tour we lower down to it three half for that player one layer to maybe let the leg float up for counselor lower down two three and four and if you’re on layer one you can always find a light cut behind the thighs to full set up action it’s challenging do your best it could take a few classes to build the strength find what works for you and stick with that let’s meet at the top of this one wherever you are let’s see if you can float the feet just twist the upper body side to side right last small twist twist let’s add twist top and right through the midsection rather than the shoulders a few more here’s five six seven eight nine and ten you sit it up cross the ankles come through onto your forearms feet hip-width apart parallel forms into number 11 draw your abs in tuck your hips under to really flatten out your lower back hold here just for an isometric hold we’re in this plank for just over a minute today the Pure Barre plank and maybe if you need to you can come to the knees like Antonio to start as you’re working to build that strength are you going out like Elizabeth holding and breathing strong city upper back let’s tuck the hips tough talk to every Tucker shortly in the space between headphones RF cages you draw your belly button back Twitter’s by you seen Elizabeth states brought through her upper back long scissors spine as she works through this movement and also really strong through the legs try not to let them go if you’re on her toes keep the thighs is nice and tight let’s hold the tuck under press the heels back tempo heels press press you see Elizabeth feels shifting back like you’re tapping a little invisible wall right behind you perfect few more counts bass drum keep breathing you can do it let’s do it together ten more one two three four five six seven eight 9 and 10 press it up to your hands try not to come out of it feet hips width apart parallel soft in the end the elbows flow your right toes off the floor point them just out an inch with the leg tiny out an inch tiny in an inch little outs little answer with a swift loading you want to try to keep both hip points facing toward the floor let’s hold it in switch it out toes out an inch and an inch our left leg is hovering now hips facing down top then in the elbows good let’s hold it in set it down put your right hand Center reach your left arm up stack the hips lift the hips up up to a little side plank working right into the right side waistline here you are seven eight nine and ten that Center left hand center stack the hips right arm up lift it up and up left side waistline working here seven eight nine and ten back Center one more time hands a little wider than the shoulders you’re on your toes or option to come to your knees so push up down two counts down to big press up two so maybe use your breath on the inhale exhale strong pass away recruiting all the muscles of the chest on that press one more slow carefully lower really great Elizabeth hold it up come to your knees heels to your seats take a tempo then and press you drained down and up awesome so now with on your knees you may be able to increase the range of motion here just like Antonio keeping elbows pointing out to the sides two more keep breathing now hold it up hands under the shoulders this time fingertips forward slow lower down two counts we go down to pressing up to so key here you guys low as you can but try to stop where your shoulders right toward your elbow one take a tempo to finish down pat up just ten here keep the elbows squeezing tight in toward the ribcage few more the spy six seals right to the seat seven strong press eight nine push it out that’s ten ship their seat back seat to the ceiling chest to the floor tailbone high chest low for a quick stretch and roll yourself up your core should be nice and gay and engage let’s get into some arm work so you stand on up option here to grab a light set of weights or you can do this without weights at home feet hip-width apart parallel take a stop in in your knees and let’s all find a neutral spine so really flatten out your back keep your abs tight heavy tailbone elbows by the sides palms face forward arms at 90 degrees we’ll press it up to you can’t you go up too strong pulled down to so low things tops of the shoulders engaged on the way up upper back squeezing on the way down right away we want to find a brain muscle connection here you can just fly through these movements we can make it hard by squeezing and contracting like you’re moving through them but and that’s all of you it’s about what you put into that range of motion to find that challenge and really target the muscles let’s hold it down squeeze it in and hold in the end freeze you can kind of slide your elbows toward the back of your ribcage they go out squeezing a pencil right between your shoulder blades here each time you pull it in really nice ticket tempo here squeeze in and in now as we target the upper back we have elbow and wrist right in line getting a little bit of bonus bicep work here as you squeeze good and even without the weights of the end Tonia’s biceps engage now hold the squeeze by the end for thumbs-up alternate bicep curls let’s go right first curl right / left we go switch switch right in same thing if you’re doing this without the weights really contract your bicep as hard as you can and then move against that resistance that you’re creating in the muscles to really turn and engage a little further full turns out take it tiny curl tiny curl maybe you glanced down at your biceps you should see them engage every time you create that tiny curl pull the tiny curls flip the weights slide the arms forward same thing alternates curl right curl left switch and switch guess what this would be a great time to check with your lower half – while we’re working the arms our force should be engaged we have this often in our knees or really supported through the lower back with that strong tight core hold it out tiny curl tiny curl I rather than have the arms really high when a load I go here squeezing the biceps every time we curl that girl you more keep breathing so weight start to get heavy or even no weights at all you just start to feel the muscle holds a girl knuckle together arms in an O arms open – then squeeze close – all right we’re gonna be here for a few reps what we want to avoid is letting the arms fly up and hitting right without control think about squeezing like you’re pulling a rubberband push it back together we pull open push it closed how about two more keep it strong keep the shoulders relaxed one more let’s hold the weights together press them together to tempo press press do you think about pressing the weights right past one another with every press you’re squeezing right in the corners of the chef’s grease press squeeze press little bone is very gonna tops of the shoulders as well here hang on hold it squeeze breath arms straight little walk it out with the arms you go switch foot stick you’re driving a little car steering well I don’t know if you drives like this but we’re just getting the shoulders nice and tone so you can do it all day perfect hold it this is bend it to mind you press up the right arm little press little crash so rather than a huge pass you want to think about it being a little micro push up micro push and push I just laid in the top of the right shoulder here it overlaps push push and although our wrists right over the elbows try to let the arms and back slide it forward a tiny bit there all right let’s alternate punches go right left switch switch keep breathing Center cool put push I’ll finish it right here thanks they’re nice and sweet elbows on them one more inch ten times stronger one two three shoulders down four five iron sight 6 7 8 9 amps head thanks Kirk you can carefully set your weights down I’ll take a quick stretch right here between the shoulder blades like grip with your left hand on the elbow will hinge up and over to the side stopping in the knees heavy tailbone little recovery breath made it through or muffler work with the core got a little bit in the arms let’s switch sides soft Bend can jump it over to your other side and then come up right interlace your fingers behind you let’s just lift the chest a little bit right in from here we had right into some work to target the thighs so find her support and once you find it just turn to your back as to your support we’ll bring the feet hip width apart parallel and you can take a light grip on your support so again maybe that’s a wall maybe it’s a countertop we’ll slide the right leg forward toward hip height all the way straight flex the foot soon your right arm forward soft bend in our standing knee heavy tailbone lower the arm and leg down to council lower – then so lift up Co for this first exercise it’s gonna target the top of the thigh it’s all about a controlled range of motion here think about squeezing through the top of the thigh think about keeping the toes weighted straight up to the ceiling hold this next one up one lift with a hold up hold this is the hardest thing up breathe right so just like Elizabeth Gary like doesn’t fall it’s all about the up holding squeezing at the top of the thigh well that’s when the action happens really nice let’s take it to tempo little lifts up go up you got it all the while you’re standing on a slightly bent left leg which will start to engage that left thigh even though our right legs out in front let’s hold it up if you can’t reach the right arm up tiny bend the knee big push away then extend so with each extension you add a squeeze in the top of the side if you’re still working on this maybe you’re just like Antonio here with the heel off the floor that is perfectly fine it’s still off the floor right and we’re still feeling that burn here’s a light grip on the support let’s take a bend stretch tempo bend stretch bend stretch so that’s the same thing just a little faster baby you have the arm up maybe like what attire 10 more times – then the other side three four five chest proud six seven eight nine and ten let’s switch it out right foot down send your left leg on front foot hip height all the way straight flex the foot soften in your standing knee that you can left time for bulk down she counts you lower down – then so lift up to maybe use the breath inhale Bruni’s exhale guests about your core starts to engage – right as you lift that leg up do your best let’s call it up arm leg forward lift it up with a hold lift up freeze the right when you think your leg is straight check it out quick glance down you might be able to extend a little bit longer through that heel so cause the top of your thigh to get a little bit tighter speed it up here go up up tiny little micro lifts and check it in write me softly bank at the right thigh engage hold it up left arm up tiny bend and extend time you bend in the knee push through the heel a little then big push tight through the core it’s easy at this point to lean back to keep your shoulders right over your hips you have one more change then you’re out bend stretch Bend stretch Bend stretch maybe you finished better than you started highest point ten times and 1 2 3 4 lift it up 5 6 7 8 9 is this work should get out a little bit hopefully feel the tops of the thighs let’s turn to your right side is on your support and bring your ankles knees and thighs together to touch left hand to your hip well rise all their highest tippy-toes and then bend your knees sink your seat towards knee level heavy tailbone just squeeze the inner thighs with a hold squeeze and hold squeeze em freeze all right you may be seeing us here looking like we’re not doing anything at this point right that squeeze is so tiny like your school using a piece of paper out of existence right between your sides it takes a lot of work right down the midline all the way to the core perfect speed it up to tempo one squeeze one pulse down is one squeeze one pulse in just like Antonio if you’re still working on this you’re gonna have the heels a little bit lower to start as long as shoulders are right over the hips one squeeze one pulse hold the squeeze pulse down three times down down down hold sink down maybe down a little further low voice hold it there so now I’m starting to deepen the bend in the knees and as we do that you might start to feel the top so the thighs a light up a little more that’s right we’re gonna be down down down hold one more like that little lower lowest point let’s hold their pulse it down one inch up one inch little down little up really nice work trying to think about almost balancing a little cup of water on your head it should be really smooth and really small if you keep the abs nice and tight let’s post a tempo here go pulse pause finding your low point hold the pulse let’s take the arm up hinge back from the waist tuck your hip so everything’s scooped take it down three times down down down hold so we’re moving on the diagonal and I want to be feeling the thighs a little bit more as you pulse you’ll see Elizabeth has a long line from the top of her head to her knees here awesome no arch in the lower back with that hinge one more change it just pulsed a temple on the diagonal pulse pulse her over that piece of paper see if you can keep squeezing the thighs together as you pulse sink one and lower ten together two three four five six seven eight nine and ten nice work shake that out so we got tops of thighs inner thighs we do a little bit out of our outer thigh work so we’ll keep the right side to the bar or your support heels together toes apart left hand to your hip try to form a narrow V with your feet here so it’s not too wide nice and narrow rise just one inch onto your toes low heels glue them together bend your knees sink your seat or knee level heavy time when we’re going all the way to the heels come half-width and hold maybe that’s a big range of motion for you follow Antonio there you can make it a little smaller down all the way come halfway hold it there one more cuz hold it low press the knees back to tempo press press it was sOooo like Elizabeth here with every press back she’s engaging the outer thigh here but she stays at her lowest point with her heels really driving together nice work shoulders relaxed pull the press down again through the heels down trip the heels come halfway Ben hold so maybe it’s all the way down or like Antonio here with a nice two to three inch range of motion as he’s starting to build up the strength through this position let’s hold halfway on board tap hips tap tuck so we talked a little bit about this tuck you’re drawing your abs in rolling hips under to shorten space between hip bones and ribcage you’re so close the thighs section is always a big one to push through pull the Tuck take the seat toward the hills overtype down for the heels come halfway up and hold maybe other way you have two more see if you can go either way inner thighs lift you back up one more dance for the heels called halfway arm up plus the finish go pulse pulse all right just like Elizabeth this is the point where you want to get those muscles to shake get their back on one inch slower ten times to finish two three four your lowest point five six and stretch seven eight nine and ten thanks work all right should be feeling a little jelly those legs let’s stretch it out so we’ll just find some open space and then take a big step for did your left leg slide your right knee back left hand down reach your right arm up with a side Bend here maybe a gaze under the arm some peer about all the stretches are just as important with the exercises take your time to really breathe into them let’s sweep the hand across the body elbow to the outside of the knee palms up lift your chest maybe a little gaze over the left shoulder if it’s available to you [Music] now let’s come back to Center we can stay right here few options bend the heel to the sea maybe you’re just reaching toward it or maybe you grab onto it and if you have it lower your shoulder toward your thigh soft bend in the left elbow few more breaths really opening up to the front of the left leg the right leg release your foot shift your seat back flex your front foot seat up chest up chin up lots of Luling through the back of the left leg here really drawing the toes toward the shin and then let’s switch sides take a big step board with your right foot set your knee right over your ankle again and the right hand down the left arm up little side Bend gaze underneath your left arm you want rests to slow the heart rate down we’ve just got everything pumping through that thigh section well sweep the hand across the body I look to the outside the knee pumps together lift your chest gaze over your right shoulder here [Music] and then turn back Center both hands to the floor keep it right here or left heel to the seat maybe you’re just reaching if it’s available to grab onto its shoulder toward the thighs soft bend in the elbow really feeling that stretch to the front of the left thigh into the hip then carefully release your foot shift your seat back flex the front foot draw the toes back pink cast forward seat back to find a little bit more length through the lower back at this stretch and shift your weight forward step your left foot back right leg in front left foot back both toes point forward lower the chest toward the thigh stretch it out left foot forward right foot back chest toward the thighs legs for the lower back let’s just bring both feet hip width apart parallel come up a soft bend in the knees here and hang heavy or you can extend the legs a little longer last little stretch stop and let’s slowly roll everything up head last to lift all right you’ve made it through some core work or work thigh works let’s get it a little bit of seat work so find your support and once you’re here let’s turn to your left side is on our support walking pretty close and then set your left hand on your support right hand on your hip heels together toes apart send your right leg on the back diagonal all the way straight through to like point the toes soften in the standing knee draw your abs in tuck your hips under on this one all you’re going to do is create a contraction and a squeeze in the side of the seat so you’re just simply squeezing and squeezing the tempo squeezing the side C it should almost feel like the same sort of squeeze action is when you make a fist with your hand balling up all those muscles just squeeze the C we want to sort of tap into what’s happening through this whole back section which is finding that brain muscle connection she’s starting to find those side seat muscles so can move from there once we get into all to work all right with that squeeze let’s add a little lift up something squeeze lift squeeze left so you want to move from the muscle first and then that lift it’s just happening the leg is along for the ride after that squeeze happens like a chain reaction here we keep a strong strong straight leg which will get us engaged even more into that right thigh all the way up for the side seat big squeeze lift we left nice work let’s take it up with a whole do you think squeeze lift hold squeeze lift free so that slower one will help you find and hold that treat that holding part is where all the magic happens that’s where you start to shape and fatigue the muscles think squeeze hold the contraction squeeze freeze now let’s hold it up flex the foot tiny bend extend little bend in the knee big push to the heel so it’s a tiny little release of a contraction and as you extend think about squeezing again right through the side each speech Bend squeeze extend awesome and it’s easy if you’re at home to just start to lock out that standing leg make sure you keep a soft in there and guess what that’ll start to engage the left side seat just as much you feel that just by standing on it like you’re working both sides so you may feel it in both sides know that is normal you have one more change in this position let’s speed it up go Finn stretch then stretch if you’re feeling good if you have an option for arm straight up that outside arm same arm same leg talking you to lift your chest a little bit more maybe can reach your heel a little more on the diagonal and keep the ABS engage the hips are really tucked every time you push you drive the heel a little under 10 times strong two three four five six seven eight nine and ten nice right okay turn toward your support for the second one will work the base of the seat just fold your forms on your support and then walk back to fold yourself in half feet hip-width apart parallel Center right leg back behind you then the heel to the seat flex the foot hips face down soften in your standing knee tuck your hips under press it up with a hole press up hold press it up freeze so with every press up let’s think about finding that same squeeze we just talked about in the last exercise you think squeeze the seat hold the squeeze as you slide the leg just up a quarter of an inch there up hold press it up freeze let’s do the same thing a little faster so that just means you cut it in half then press press each time this not releasing the squeeze in the CETA instead just making it tighter every time and all the way up you can keep the heel pulling to the seat gonna get a little added bonus work for the back of the leg ready to creep out lifted see where the seat meets the hamstring press it up and let’s hold it up Cinna Lake out to count straight go out to bend the heel to the seat – all right Keon this one – try not to let the knees fall as you extend the leg then Bend heel to the seat when she bends we see the back of the leg engaged how about four more like that slope then the heel to the seat nice work all the way up all the way in last one let’s meet on the out chair like straight 20 suppose little circle dime-sized Circle Circle so we think about free seen the edge of a dime with the tip of the big toe it’s super small and controlled I think about each circle having a beginning and an end facing other way reverse it Circle Circle and you find a height that works for you here maybe it’s all the way toward a hip height or maybe it’s on the low diagonal wherever you feel that feet engaged hold it center little lifts up tempo lift up and up are we finished here just about 30 more left you have the option if you’re feeling starter come under your left tippy toe lift lift let’s see if we can point both hip bones straight for the floor make a little adjustment to finish and draw your abs an even tighter hold that tight squeeze lift your leg to your highest point ten times one two three four five you’re fast six seven 9 8 10 the high score all right two sides I’m sweating a little bit well turns your right side is to your support heels together toes apart left hand to your hip send your left leg on the back diagonal all the way straight point the toes stop bending your right knee captain kept stuck just squeeze the seat to start squeeze and squeeze all right so we’re in it we have two sides but there’s no surprises on this side do you know that you already did fatigue the muscles through the right side quite a bit so sometimes it takes double to focus double the energy to really even everything out let’s pay mine – any little adjustments we made on the first side and mirror them here starting with those strong squeezes through the side seat find that put your brain right in those muscles let’s keep the squeeze out of this custom squeeze left squeeze left really nice and try to really lean into your support whether it’s a wall or counter you want to almost be able to lift your hands at any time because your right leg is supporting you yeah that’s perfect squeeze left please lift you breaths let’s slow down back down tap back and squeeze lift home squeeze alit phrase to race your top point and then think about being stuck just frozen for a second that’s what freeze means it’s just holding that left we left hold you are hopefully your affiliate or right inside already after we worked it so hard okay let’s hold it up flex to put little bend and extend tiny bend in the knees big push through the heel a little bend extend every time you extend again find a contraction through the left side seat muscles hope you’re able to look like one inch higher you might be able to get a little more into the left side waistline as well here Ben X and few more option for the end of you’re feeling it arm up bend stretch Bend stretch bend stretch we see that ven stretch really small each time she finds her all the wig straight point with the leg maybe she can even slide a little more on the diagonal perfect take those challenges when you’re feeling strong maybe a little have poor super engage for these last few let’s do it together ten times one two three four five six seven eight nine and it’s turn to face your support one more seat to go you just fold your forms under supports and then walk back fold yourself in half feet hip-width apart parallel and then send your left leg back behind you then the heel to the seat flex the foot peps face down something in the right knee tuck your hips under one press up with the whole press it up hold press it up freeze alright last C exercise evens everything out keep your energy up you’re on the floor after this but again tapping into base of the seat back of the leg so just like Antonio maybe this support has you more propped up on your forms that’s perfectly fine just keep your lower back nice and flat by keeping the ABS pulling in awesome adjustment there press it up with a hold holding that squeezing contraction take it a little faster press press another option if you’re at home tuned you don’t have a counter you can simply fold your forearms on the wall and walk back till you’re in half find what works for you awesome few more trying to keep both hip points facing straight down on it [Music] working the knee right throat its high point without letting any part into the lower back you are doing it a little bit good let’s hold it up slow extend the leg straight two counts go all the way out to then feel two seats to so I know when I first started taking I would feel this way more of my standing leg then they are right in the seat side of her where games were working lap now you’re feeling there’s a lot of your right hip totally off then maybe you shift a little weight into the instep of the right foot to take some pressure turn up to six another right hip shift it all Center one more and then we’ll meet on that outpoint hold it up point the toe Circle the leg go Circle Circle this is our final minute of seat focus work you are again tracing the edge of a dime here with the tip of your toe reverse the circle other way around and around you just pick one direction and go for it try not to let your leg faucet is last moments find that strong point maybe a better position than you started if you can muster up the strength hold it there lift it up thinner out little lift lift so we have the same option for right tippy toe if you are feeling strong here you can come way out of that tippy toe awesome and just when you think your leg is straight toward the finish line send it even straighter let’s finish this seat workout together ten times here you got it three for your highest point five six squeezing seven eight nine and whoo we made it haha let’s do a quick hit stretch for the seat here so you can face your support lightgrip hook your right ankle over your left knee flex your foot you can really just shift this seat back a little bit to find a stretch here try to keep the back nice and flat and then switch it out right foot down hook the left ankle shift your seat back nice and flat through the back we should feel that through the left side seat alright stand it up you have one more section to go a little bit of ab work so we’ll just find some open space and then have a seat bring your feet hip width apart parallel and then draw your knees together to touch put a go light grip behind the thighs around your waist band back toward the floor pull your abs in roll your hips back so that’s the tuck we’re nice and scooped out here we’ll do one squeeze the inner thighs one roll the hips back so same they squeeze the paper pull the hips back alright so we’re in it this is a big section for the ABS to finish things out I got the C we got the thighs we started with our strong core and weight work now this is that we try not to give up through these little tough moments here at the end keep the ABS working hold the squeeze hold the Tuck backing up one into your out back curl up YouTube breath inhale exhale awesome work lowering the waist down rights for the floor each time it’s just an inch so small by holding the core really tight you know hold it back you keep right here or if you’re ready for some arm option counts cross over the chest again squeeze the inner thighs tuck the hips one squeeze in one tuck under awesome and just like Antonio you could keep with the light prep of your store here on it keep hip-width apart if it’s tight in your hips hold the squeeze hold the test take it back and up we go back an inch up an inch round back little up alright this arm option here starts to make the opportunity a little heavier right hang on back an inch up and it skips a little better after this with the arm options actually let’s hold it back maybe go for it hands behind that squeeze the inner thighs tuck the hips under do you think squeeze hold tuck hold trying to hold each movement before you get another next one to really maximize the work here one squeeze in no.1 tuck under and this is okay if you are still on my grip hold the degrees hold the top coat back image nothing and you just kind of layer up with the options you find what works for you it may be different today than it is tomorrow I may be able to get in a few more but the hands behind the head next want to hold it back like wrap just rotate to the right side round your waist band back you can keep it here or hands across the chest one squeeze one tuck under one squeeze the inner thighs one tuck so now with this rotation you think about your shoulders just straddling really you’re right diagonal here turn it to over twist it we’re getting right into the right side waistline hold the squeeze hold the tuck back and Evan into your lower back an inch up an inch breath in breath out breath out helps us get the ABS even more contracted go back an inch up an inch few more let’s hold the Sun back option hands might have to sit out go rotate rotate and ever rather than through the shoulders tight through the middle section 10 bar 1 2 then the other side 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 all the way over to the left around it back people a grip or hands to the chest one squeeze going to squeeze the inner thighs tuck the hat so we might not see much happening on that squeeze you hold yourself accountable to making the ABS light up each time squeeze tuck maybe even go lower for this last set here hold the squeeze hold it tough to go backing up in a drum back curl up I’m trying to close this hand grip let you round through the shoulders stay a little open through the chest few more back an inch up an inch with your knife go and hold it back option hands behind the head twist it out twist twist let’s all do together around back another inch yes great work Antonio 10 here 1 2 3 from the ABS of 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 pack Center zip legs flex appeal infant legs around that gear lowest points keep the lycra pants cross or most challenge behind the head 10 times back and H up an inch let’s go your for the end your Loic wink at the waistband right towards the floor here’s 5 you got it six smaller up seven eight nine and ten nights work let’s round back chin to chest right leg tonight knees left leg to hover or print it on the floor fine won’t work rotate over to the right hands reach pacify you curl it up up hold curl up up freeze so choose curls let’s see the tip of your right shoulder blade off the floor each time let’s take it over to the left side curl up up hold it’s gonna be the most challenge the whole time all right that works for you go play ten pence trot she’s gonna like say up four five six seven eight nine and ten both legs up breasts ahead let’s see we can stand straight Alexa P so lower the leg down four counts legs lower down two three four then solid up two three and four so actually takes so much strength in your apps to keep your legs all the way straight so maybe you’ll find a nice soft bend in the knees like Antonio here let’s do one more but when you lower keep your lower back Cement it into the floor hold the leg straight up lift the tailbone tap it down so think little lower curl little tap down you try to find a micro stop 20 at the top each time through think table let’s hold tap down do your best take attempt a little lift let me finish right here this is for ABS everything you have lights all the way straight ten times one two three four five six seven eight nine and ten take work bend the knees send the arms and legs long let’s take a quick stretch a little arch and your lower back and a nice breath you have made it through all the tough sections of class you just have one more fun section of Arc so you can bend your knees bring your feet hip width you don’t have to go too far stay on your back arms long by your sides feet are hip width parallel I mean lift the hips off the floor into a low bridge position try to keep both shoulders still pressing into the floor lower and lift the hips they tap the floor big press that hatch lower left down and up all right so last bit of class it’s just for you to try have a little fun with the music here think last chance for the back seat and back the legs a little bit of ab work as well let’s hold the hip up top two times as a whole top tuck hold do you think squeeze squeeze tighter hold with every touch contracted muscles of the seat and backs of the legs a little bit more you have lumber chance to find that brain muscle connection tuk-tuk hold let’s take this half the little factor hit stuff on dirt and under maybe your seats just hover here maybe you’re able to press it up a little bit higher really getting that stretch to the front of the hip flexors as well all right big chain pull the top flex the feet recorder bend the legs so maybe heels are so far away from you can barely hold it tap this down tap down lift up tap the floor little lifts are so close to the finish line here down up really drive the heels into the floor draw the toes right back for the show me one more change hold it up tuck to finish under and under okay maybe you have it in you to take heels a little further away step it out challenge yourself 3/4 bend in the legs even and then maybe hips one inch higher drive the heels firmly down ten affinage one two all out three four five six seven eight nine and ten gently lower down let’s pull the knees into the chest we’ll take a quick stretch and release for the lower back the backs of the legs let’s hang on to the right knee Center left leg long on the floor you have made it to the well-deserved stretch maybe keep it here or option extend the leg straight up you can grab for calf back to the leg if that’s available to you here let’s open the leg up an inch or two of your right shoulder and take a huge breath in flooded through Center and just cross your midline and enter to try to keep both hips pressing into the floor so we can really target the outside of the right thigh all the way down into the let’s breathe it back Center huge breath in a little more length as you exhale pull it a little closer toward you let’s switch it out hug both knees in keep the left one send the right leg long maybe you keep it here or if you’re ready send it up find a straight leg if you can drop you on behind calf or thigh let’s open the leg up an inch or two over the left shoulder deep inhale like through Center as you exhale find just a small cross over the midline keeping the left hip pressing down to work and stretch through the left hip all the way through the left outside thigh another huge breath Center exhale draw the thigh a little closer toward your chest now let’s hug the knees in give yourself a squeeze rock on up to seated we’ll send the legs into a straddle stretch put your toes right form down reach your left arm up and over and take a second to try to stack the shoulders here maybe gaze underneath your left arm and then turn to face to leg chest toward your thigh try to keep both knees spiraling up and toward the ceiling rather than letting them fall in I let’s switch sides platform down reach your right arm up a great option just like I’m Tony if you’re still working on this stretch you can fold one leg in at a time as you start to build that flexibility let’s turn chest toward the thighs for the knee few breaths and then roll yourself up flex your feet walk your hands out Center one in front of the other set your upper body long little release through the hips and the inner thighs maybe it’s just a little walk forward today try to keep your toes pointing straight up you have one more stretch together and roll yourself up slide your legs together sit up nice and tall huge breath in arms up and over exhale dive forward reach song let your head hang heavy let’s stay down for a huge breath in and your next exhale draws your chest a little bit closer toward your thighs one final breath fill your lungs up all the way and as you exhale slowly roll yourself up to seated thank you so much for joining us today give yourselves a round of applause you have made it through your 45 minute foundations workout we hope to see you again soon [Music] you

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