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[Music] [Music] just look like a stand up tanning bed and then when you get in here you get undressed and stuff and then you stand on these this thing and initial like shaking stuff and you can change on the controller up there select my cooldown is running now because already did it but so there’s different programs so there’s one two three and four I’ve only been doing the program too I haven’t tried this was my second time doing anything so maybe next time I’ll try program three [Music] okay so I wanted to get out of there before just because I didn’t want to take up somebody else’s time for the next person behind me basically the first time I did it I went in before I did my workout and I actually kind of liked it because it was like a warm-up before my workout and it’s kind of hot and it’s not hot hot but like it’s not as hot as a tanning bed but it just warm there are fans in there to help with that and you can turn it up or down the fans it kind of warmed my body up for my workout and stuff which was super nice and where my muscles up because it does shake and vibrate you know and then this time I did it after my workout I didn’t mind it I liked it better before I did like it after because of like the toning it gave me like a little push like a little extra for my workout but otherwise I don’t know why you would do it after unless it’s just like a time thing or I think it’s just a preference like whatever you figure out for yourself if you do it after bring an extra pair of clothes because your clothes are sweaty from your workout and it was so gross to put them back on and like hard to put them on because they’re all sweaty and what so but basically you go in you have to have tanning goggles so you go in you can choose a program I think I recorded a little video about the programs like that they have in the total body enhancement room but so program one I didn’t like it I think it’s only red light therapy maybe tiny tiny tiny vibration so you could just do red light therapy the second program I’ve only done the first in the second a first night I didn’t really like the second one does the shaker plate or whatever plus red light therapy and then I think it just gets more intense as you go up to programs 3 & 4 so I’ll have to try those next time but the only thing I don’t like about it is that it stand up I would much prefer it to lay down but I’m gonna get it because they have to have like the shaker plate and stuff in it which is cool I don’t know if it’s gonna do anything it’s supposed to help tone and stuff um but I really don’t know if it’ll do all that much but I have heard good things about brulee therapy I mostly I’m doing it for like body scars and my acne and stuff and I’ve heard it also helps because I’ve been a lifeguard for four or five years um I’m sure I have a ton of sun damage even though I do use sunscreen it helps to reverse sun damage and stuff so there’s a hole I’ll hopefully link an article in the description box about all the benefits of red light therapy I don’t think it’s 100% proven but people have said that it works for them I do have a membership at Planet Fitness so I used a total body enhancement if you don’t know what I was talking about so it’s red light therapy plus toning with that shaker plate um but red light therapy is common anywhere you can just get a session or you can go to dermatologists and just get a session on your face and there are so many different varieties and stuff but I just thought like I would share my experience um because it is kind of foreign to some people and like I didn’t know what it was two times ago yeah I just want to kind of share my experience and um hopefully help you to learn a little bit more

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