planet fitness hydromassage review

Planet Fitness hydromassage how does it work hydromassage Planet Fitness beds require you to recline back on its soft padding as you rest on this chair you’ll find a screen next to you which is attached to this bed you can use this to activate the touchscreen to turn the power on you can then press Start and choose a pressure and speed amount the screen shows you where the Jets are moving on your body at various points so you will be able to keep track of it and can even hold the Jets in a certain spot for a little extra time with the hold button on the screen at the bottom you’ll see how much time is left with your massage which typically lasts about 10 minutes if you want to stop your massage early you can press the stop button at the top once your massage is done the device will turn itself off so you can safely get off of it benefits of hydro massage at Planet Fitness Planet Fitness hydro massage chair has plenty of healthful benefits number one it helps to reduce stress and back pain resting on this bed will help to instantly reduce stress and back pain you’ll feel the water pressure helping to relieve any tension in your muscles and allowing you to deeply relax the heat from the water will also cause your body to feel very calm and relaxed which can easily allow any stress to instantly disappeared number two it improved sleep the soothing sensation of the water massaging you can easily lull you to sleep this makes it ideal for those who have sleeping problems to try insomnia can be treated with this massage type because it helps to regulate your body’s temperature to a warmer one which can help to encourage sleep number three it can help reduce the pain of arthritis the pressure from the water jets can help to greatly reduce the pain that arthritis can cause while not intense the Jets are powerful which can massage the inflammation that this disease causes also the warm water can help to increase blood circulation which helps areas affected by arthritis to feel bigger number four you can focus on one area while many massages can help with reducing pain they sometimes can neglect a certain area that needs extra attention however with Planet Fitness hydro massage beds you’ll be able to pause the water in a certain area for as long as you want so that they can focus on that area and help to heal it number five it can detox your body because these devices help to improve your blood circulation it will encourage any toxins and you to quickly be removed through sweat this means you’ll not only be healthier but feel more energetic because those nasty particles have been removed side effects of hydromassage while there are many benefits that come with using these devices there are a few things to keep in mind about them one is that they can be a little loud this is due to the pressure of the water jets and the motor that moves them up and down the chair to help prevent your enters from ringing when using the bed it’s best to use some noise cancelling headphones if used for too long these devices can overheat because of this the massage is usually only lasts about 10 minutes it’s also important to remember that the water is heated so that heat will radiate into your body which could make you feel a little hot you’ll want to have a glass of water or fan nearby to help cool yourself down when your massage is done thanks for watching please like comment subscribe and share with your friends and family

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