p90x chest and back review

hey Randy bark again for extreme faith and fitness as promised we are doing the game reviews of p90x you’re brave enough to do p90x day 1 chest and back here’s what you have to look forward to in it here’s a few tips that gets you through to get you in the best shape of your life first let’s see what Tony has to say about p90x chest and back chest and back is push and pull to the extreme what’s nice about it is the variation of hand grips distance push up bars if you can eliminate that mindset that I can’t I can’t divorce forget I can’t say i presently struggle with and if you keep that mindset then over the course of time someone whose dream was to do two or three could turn into 20 and more don’t folks we’re gonna have to dig down see what they’re made up for the second round of this thing but in the end it has discovered that this is a world-class upper body workout guarantee so that’s what tony has to say let me tell you what I have to say after having done it firsthand now moreover a long time and we find out exactly what it takes for you to see great success in becoming the fortress for God and you becoming who you want to be changing your life your mentality your soul in your body first off when you’re doing chest and back you’re the first tip I want to give you to get great results first thing is get the right nutrition before you workout personally this workout leaves be absolutely what I’m nauseous at the end I feel like you’re going to pass out in all reality someday I’d lay down for driving home because I have to have the right stuff in me or I feel awful a lot of going from laying down to standing up but here’s how you can overcome those feelings get the right stuff in you a half hour before you workout have a banana have an apple an orange is some sort of good carbohydrate in your system and it’s going to improve dramatically the way that you if our down the road when you’re done with chest and back you’re going to feel much more energized you won’t happen to be the lay down to take a nap then you’re going to have a quicker recovery because you’ve got it your system you’re going to thank yourself for it you’re also going to want to have before you start this day one you workout sheets in your team beachbody account don’t have one via one look around the site makes you free coaching right over on the side give yourself the workout things is from the gift fit tools in your team beachbody account workout sheets Team Beachbody by the one says Justin back not only is a great spot to see what exercise is next but you can keep track as Tony says how are you going to know it’s due now if you don’t know what you did keep track of your workout so get some good nutrition in you get your workout sheets and here we go getting active in this this is a lot of push-ups and a lot of pull-ups push-ups here is my biggest tip for you with push-ups to see the results you want push-ups are not moving your shoulders like this my landing it’s so frustrating see people who think they’re doing a push-up and they do 70 push up and then get up thinking they’re animal and they did absolutely nothing or little to actually improve what they’re wanting to improve this is the chest to work out the way you work your chest is by moving your shoulder to elbow for work leather forward up or down that’s what your chest done draws your elbows together so as you do push-ups please do not make this date I’m shrugging my shoulders and I don’t know what I’m doing routine make this day I’m going down to at least a 90 degree angle least a 90 degree angle and I’m pushing up to straight arms or almost locked arms and I’m going back down so maybe this is going to ruin your day because you go from doing 60 to 70 these I don’t know what to call them 25 nice deep push ups but if you want to build your chest go deep go deep in these maybe you’re going to have to modify it maybe you don’t feel good on being able to five so go to your knees this isn’t time to be chauvinist or macho and everything go to your knees and do as many as you can with good form go down deep do what you can you’re going to see you can build up so you can use sets of 20 30 40 of them I don’t want you to be doing a whole lot more than 25 to 25 gives you some stands and get given a deeper range of motion so you can bring your arms even farther back stretch those muscles out which will really help a lot in effect oral development through it all in the end as you get stronger doing that go to a weighted vest you give you more resistance you want do as many reps but less reps higher resistance gives you sighs guys if you’re looking for size that’s the way to do it girls you don’t want sighs stick to your knees and six more reps or do a moderate amount even from your feet as well some of you that we’re coaching though can’t even do the knee push up because of different physical disabilities that’s cool no problem if you really can’t do them if you can’t do them it’s not just a you need you see them presently struggle with you can’t you here’s what you got yourself a band now these have to be a branded by his fans who the madman has two bands we’ve got the one handle that’s the way to vote stream right there but you find yourself an anchor point you’re doing this in your basement stick around one of the poles that’s holding up your floor building up the beam in your house you stick it around and you have the full behind you you got your bands and you’re going to simulate a push-up you’re going to have them you’re going to push forward and you come back and you push it forward and you come back and you do that however long you can if it gets easy take a step forward and try it again simulates the same motion as a push-up work in the same muscle groups but you’re not down on the floor so great thing do make sure though that your anchor point is very very secure the last thing that you need is some flying off the wall hit me in the head so if you need to modify your push-ups use the band go to your knees hey that’s cool you’re also going to be doing a lot of pull ups though if you can do pull-ups to do pull-ups you’re going to need a full up bar if you’re a real pull-up doer this is similar to the actual beach body pull up bar it has a rating of 250 pounds please do check the rating the weight rating if you are more than 250 pounds don’t get it to our 5th Tom bar some of them do up to about 300 pounds check the weeks that it is certified for before you go kill yourself to break and something that’s not cool we’re here to fill their bodies now break things if you do not have the bar maybe you’re in basement you can hook up something to do pull-ups to have a actual bar as well regardless if you’re able to do the barb you can always resort to the fans same thing get a good anchor point don’t be using something that’s going to come flying off the wall as you get something obscure and here’s the greatest Pepe that i have about those who use bands when you noob and this is that trying to do little boat rose this is not the move this is not what you’re looking to do it will work your back so we’re trying to simulate a pull-up which means you got to stick your butt out you’ve got to get a straight line through your hips through your shoulders through your hands to your anchor point and then you pull just as you would with a pull-up alright we’re not above we’re trying to give a mop pull up motion in this so make sure that you get your body and line from your hips to the Anchor Point to get that pull-up movement now going back to those that are using the bar the actual bar to do the pull ups you’re going to have a new best friend you’re going to have the best friend called a chair and it’s not to sit in this is to put your feet up on it will make it so much easier getting personal true story when i started i could only do three pull ups three pull up without chair so I knew these routines or an hour long I had to use all chair all the time for my first three weeks by six weeks I wasn’t using a chair at all because you gettin stronger it today as a recording this today I just set a record of 149 unassisted pull ups because I started with a chair I did my best I forgot the rest in each day I got stronger so very very important push-ups pull-ups there’s a few other exercise in there they’re relatively simple use your dumbbells use your band you’re going to do just fine with those throughout the workout you you’re going to want something too go on a towel in and you’re going to find that you may want to add something to your drinks you’re just drinking water you may want to put a little Gatorade mix or even better yet use the p90x results in recovery drink it’s made specially for it so it’s going to be exactly what you need it also has the complex carbs as well as some protein in it not a ton of protein but in its going to is going to help guilt much much better I don’t say that because I’m dealer on it I say that because it works you’re going to love the way you feel can you recover from it after you’re done working out you have about a 20-minute to 30 minute window where you need protein in your body to help your muscles feel to help Sookie in where your muscles are torn give the protein in there especially if you’re wanting ball general rule of thumb how much do I need that many grams of protein per day and get a large portion of them right in that little window ceska back that’s exactly what I have to say is is what we just shared you’re going to want to complex carb in the mix of there get your worksheets push-ups pull-ups recovery drink protein that’s going to help you check it out next time our plyometrics review and that is day two of p90x TX Justin back you’ve got what you need to bring it this is randy martin for a straight face of fitness see you next

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