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put back it up like Yoda sup guys and welcome back to my channel so I know this whole self-isolation and cleanse and things as a corona virus outbreak is driving everyone crazy including me so today’s video is going to be a workup in my video where I try one of the lets me work every day a lot trust me is going to be puto this long video and guess what your girl can only do it or maximum 50 minutes only me 7 or 10 nice nice turtleneck and very mind I’ve been doing this for half a year and I still couldn’t do it to the end of the video so let’s do this guys let’s make your crunchy days count but first tie this [ __ ] up hey welcome to Uli’s most current workout it’s a pet carrier class we’ve got our Lee’s most international trainers with us we got a special guest Nina feeling good I’m nervous but I’m excited you guys all ready let’s do it let’s try the music she’s done relaxing [Music] Oh [Applause] [Music] all right retraining so we’re gonna hit the county about it and we’re gonna teach you how to move really fast knees up and just on your face come on beat why this one baby SWAT prank squad and sense what prank squat stance you want to use squats and your bare face [Applause] eirick and precepts Nix come on down on your knees or on your toes good now squeeze your shoulder blades together and place your ads keeping the spine nice and long who doesn’t love precepts a nerd hands on the shoulders switch climbs jumping a foot to the outside of the head where’s your back to launch to Lakewood and try and plan your job when it feels good you can go for some GMO rights standing up [Applause] [Music] juices in the leaks girly John keep you cheap doc if you [Music] slow lunges yeah good jumping lunch soft in the legs good try it out on the front of you [Music] [Applause] [Music] when your arms now chicken salad down touch the ground flipping the Chiefs top [Music] take your heels [Music] [Music] now these good option and you can throw sausage you physically can pop your eyes of the Jews and 20 seconds three bring on that chain move too just like the warm-up switch pies come on down to show this robot try to keep your hips and shoulders Square and a new heroes if you can option if you need it it’s a [Music] come on up again 20 seconds to [Music] if you’re not giving your cheese stop touching all the way down just come down halfway you don’t pop click your heels in the air to recover back to the top what is the purpose of Cotillard speed now we packed on the rest [Music] nice posture [Music] possibly days [Music] move faster than your breathing how is that possible [Music] we’re going down we’re going down [Music] three-two-one [Music] squeeze your body raise your heads [Music] the Mormon control the more the control the roofied come on [Music] [Music] pakkun the rich so read out a quick rebound can you put you [Music] one guys just a moment but I’m you’re feeling good is in the 7-1 it is pretty pissed much they’re changing today to be sure that you can lock onto your do it [Music] good now the fun staying on the bank is it white what [Music] [Applause] hey you guys ready you’re gonna put your phone turn cut back it up there you go like your little now that turn it’s gonna give you great cord as you want that’s it can we take it lower [Applause] [Music] now if you lose me just hold me and try get [Music] [Applause] [Music] that’s good [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Swach up SketchUp [Music] what [Music] [Applause] [Music] praise your belly [Music] [Applause] [Music] with time [Music] [Applause] three new boots letter suck [Applause] thirty seconds option two squat show [Music] Wow [Music] as you jump up these gypsy auction gotcha [Applause] just the three shop can you put this up dad you got great guys you keep going that’s one 30 tickets let’s do a Gutzon either sing knowing it down going it down let’s go [Music] halfway back to the top one-eighty are we doing you ready [Applause] that’s time we want to hit the floor [Music] how pasta there we go it’s important [Applause] listen on the belly gotcha [Music] the hungry [Music] one jump joke [Music] what’s help us urine can call out [Music] that creates fitness three one [Applause] [Music] check out check it out check it out [Music] [Applause] [Music] you totally allows that picture if your diet is okay there we go again [Applause] [Music] shut up [Music] top speed [Music] just the skater [Music] this road [Music] oh that’s the end of the video

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