les mills body balance

hi guys the lame mills body balance is a low-intensity fitness class at the intersection of tai chi pilates and yoga far from being illusory the practice of this activity helps athletes improve their performance have you been straining a little lately at the sport level or are you feeling tired relax your muscles body and mind with a body balance this fitness activity offered by les mills approved clubs takes up three main trends in traditional soft gym classes yoga tai chi and pilates 55 minutes to release mental and muscle tension the balance is built around three pillars the first part the warm-up draws on the essence of tai chi with simple and fluid movements you thus quietly enter the training bubble by refocusing on yourself this work in motion requires mobility a fundamental quality for preventing muscle and joint pain flexibility and flexibility are at the heart of the second part yoga invites practitioners in muscle building for example legs thighs and back you sculpt the muscles in length on large yoga postures like the warrior or the triangle continues our expert always in the philosophy of letting go and looking back on yourself you continue your quest for mobility the long stretches of stretch associated with muscle contraction especially with the very low lunges performed with the warrior’s asana or the sun salutation allow you to gain mobility quite quickly the third base of body balance uses pilates in order to engage the center of the body in depth abdominals back muscles posterior chains all sprinkled with a touch of stretching and attention to one’s breathing which mobilizes the body and frees the mind an asset to progress in your sport flexibility mobility words come back like a light motif but what is the point of being more mobile in particular this allows you to be more efficient in other sports activities and to feel a daily well-being the muscles become more flexible and oxygenate more easily you have more strength and more endurance in your workouts for example mobility in the hips or shoulders makes it possible to be more comfortable in classic flexion exercises such as squat postures more flexibility also means less risk of injury and better muscle recovery tired people with tight muscles or those prone to tendonitis should definitely take this course for who this activity without impact remains very accessible anyone can do it even pregnant women before the third trimester for whom options are offered by the instructors before starting this activity as with any sport always remember to check your physical fitness with a doctor thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe and activate the bell

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