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hi everyone how are you nice to see you again I come to you with a collaboration with Jackie and myself and we’re going to present Les Mills bar to you Les Mills barter Co vyd so jackie has the middle I’m going to start you off with the first three tracks she’ll kick in with the next three tracks and the strength track so you’re going to need a hand weight something maybe from your kitchen if you don’t have dumbbells or small little little weights a soup soup can I’ll be fine and she’ll tell you about that later on I will kick you off she’ll come in then I’ll be back in for the last two tracks so we have to put it all together in a little dance and then I’ll give you some great core and stretching at the end so without further ado let’s start Les Mills bar I’d like for you to come on in if you’ve never done bar before no worries I invite you in to work out and just have fun if we wha will it’s okay so I would like for you to take your feet parallel just stand with your feet parallel if you have a pair of socks bare feet I’d like you to have socks let’s qualify that and just come forward and back onto the balls of the feet in the heels next time you come into the heels all you’re going to do is just flick your toes out that is your natural turnout position I’d like for you to pull your bottom up brace your belly give a little tail tuck your ballet tuck and squeeze your butt in your thighs this is a real great workout for the whole thigh but belly and then roll your shoulders up and down your back so you want to feel your lats kind of push down into the back pockets of jeans if you have them on so lift feel that everything’s pulling up from the floor and then your feet are going to push down into the floor your shoulders are going to drop and I want to really keep your chest lifted just gonna place my hands onto my hips and you are ready to go coming into your first position turnout yeah so just roll the shoulders take a big breath we’re fine yeah we’re gonna come into releve and all we’re gonna do is lift our heels off the floor want to push your balls of your feet into your floor and lift then release give it a go again and then release how about a little plie you’re just gonna bend the knees knees track toes keep your tail tucked give it a go again hands to hands you can lift your heels off the floor into a little bit bigger plie rise go again yeah let’s put it together one plie remember to draw your belly in and then relevé good go again you go to your plie then you go to your releve yeah nice and easy it’s breathe and relaxed feels good to move together doesn’t it how about we come to first position arms when we plie we’re not your chest and then second position it’s just out to the side in relevé couple more get that tail tucked I know it’s easy to pop the butt back release how about a Tom do to the side I like her solace I left a con and the left nice and slow so we’re just chopping our toe out to the side drawing it back in tap and draw it back in how about a little faster for [Music] three I’m gonna brush your foot against the floor point your toe how about to the front nice and slow tap your toe to the front and release we call it a tendu devant the font means forward remember to keep your belly lifted shoulders down and back how about a little faster out we’re gonna do the same thing about to the back nice and slow take your tip back behind you pull it in yeah do you feel like how do you have to shift your weight so the base leg that’s not moving it’s really pressing into the floor and squeezing your thighs and your butt together a little faster back back then where you squeeze your butts and the more you squeeze your legs you’re gonna feel that out to the side how about arms out second yeah we’re gonna put it together to the front first position so it’s like this big loop you’re holding a big ball to the back one more your fifth position your ball goes up yeah so we keep that big ball we just tap our toes to the back nice give it a go one more time out second second nice soft shoulders drop down and back front remember those first arms that’s the first position [Music] to the back derriere that’s an easy one to remember isn’t it Gary era means back stay with this they would mix how about you lift the toe off the floor lift the toe off the floor do that stop arms are down come out to second position sit into your deep plie knees and toes are out select the tail we’ll pull the belly in and shoulders roll down with that and pulse let’s bring our arms from bruh ba into demi second seconds with it down so these big wings on your back just pulsing bring your feet together and let’s begin track two right foot to the front out to the back left side front out think about the music it’s sharp hit it front so this is called an wah tendu and qua means an X forward side back want some arms first second fifth second give it a go first second second give it a go again one more you want to do something different so we’re gonna stay with the same sequence how about we lifted off the floor oh yeah now you take a lift maybe little maybe a little whoa see I wobble it’s okay and you can keep your arms smear hips [Music] I’m gonna give you another helpful hint every time you change you’ve been you’re into a little plea edge can we do it go again you’ve got it finish the left side I’ve got a little change so listen pay attention to the front side hold this reset its first I left the gum hold this reset give it a go hold this how’s your heart we’re warming how about another little change hold fit Jimmy relevé hold it maybe you don’t relevé are here and the theater here then though they’re Newark Newark [Music] wow that was great looked in third position so the right foot is gonna come into the arch of the left hands on hips we turn off to the right diagonal give me a fondue to the right knee bends the left leg taps back to an arabesque tap we’re gonna tap so I really want to squeeze the but I don’t want to sit down on that knee and push that knee out to the pinky side of the foot that’s gonna give you a great thigh and butt working arms are out first our basket I’m come to third our best take that tack toe bring it around to the front and then hold weight forward to and then arabesque it’s two three four keep the fondue this is the where we bobble sweep the arm forward is good third our best now stand right here sit into that fondue remember to pull your shoulders back stay into first-ever back here’s your sequence out in up oh my god can you feel that to the right hand each each round [Applause] okay right here now you can continue to check the our best if you’d like to set the book down load your fondu tendu their hair left arm forward and their right arm back and swim the arms if you’d like to take the time do your out other side shake it out so come into the left third position your hips and shoulders always face on the same diagonals mom do belly brace now jewel draw your shoulders down third position let’s bring the Ronda jam in and the Rhonda’s on out you have an arm sweeps forward with that leg hold up should we put it together [Music] hit it forward arabesque left can you stay still enough fondue [Applause] [Music] shoulders down let’s go that’s open can we do one more set [Applause] keep the our best keep the our best well do you don’t want to you want to sit into the hon do keep your shoulders down and back keep the first-ever best remember you’re facing the left side and you’re staying keeping that long drop leg if you want to tap you can right arm comes forward nice and soft elbows feel that left butt cheek and side yeah top it if you want to you feel your oblique work oh yeah come on and check it out you did great great work Jackie take it away wait until we’re back in the room but hey you did your first three tracks let’s do our cardio peak let’s sit I grab the music hands on our hips first position or third we’re gonna do some bleep sighs let’s go one to the side close wait your feet lift your chest small time usually I times you’ll and pushed [Music] let’s go – to your right we have some power [Music] you have the power the clothes or clothes in third heel to the arch of your foot take a little jump please God [Music] all right this time to the side to a shop pays so H I paid for a day escape any arms keep the white hands on your hips if you feel comfortable keep me here let’s have some floor drop for Sean’s lots more just for bout this let’s go 1 2 4 3 2 1 points up speak into the sofa and Kali 1401 carburetion yeah the jumpsuit us stay grounded of irrelevant 1pp thoughts and poor drops one two [Music] all right one more to the other side we have a new combination heart rate to engulf higher blend lease on one foot Dolce legs come out now if the jump is not for you today just come on irrelevant and close one one jump you can close the first or third add some arms my name is feeling anyone else have obstacles stay down one more back to our combo two three sides and four go for a shot a promise there [Music] you did it boss let’s keep going to the wait tracks hey team let’s keep going we have to wait tracks now so grab what you can for wait I’m you can use soup cans canned goods in your pantry or go to the one cabinet anything will work let’s start grab your hand grab some weights first position roll your shoulders back and down heels together weights on either hand if you would like come to releve this is gonna be a great balance and strength track relevé squeeze through your thighs and core go to first second second and first again [Applause] [Music] all right County down come to exam EPA and semicircle [Music] all right back to Elba relevé first seconds six seconds all right that’s two are posted then he played Cobra pulses circle the other direction if you don’t want a circle just pulse and lift your arms up in fact it’s too much only bring your weight or drop them all right new position second position why have your knees tracking your toes come down a little higher than 90 degree that’s 90 degrees right getting started at a little pole [Applause] [Music] [Applause] circle it’s a circle in front it’s not around the world let me show you from the side keep your foot up in line with your back elbow keep going team you need to go up and shake it do it [Applause] little faster take it out here I’m Kate it shake shake let’s come back to our table ray really leaned in [Music] you party heels together we stood either side undo their air facts you lean forward a bit and when it comes to the thigh [Music] stay here team we have our second weighted track team let’s do our track two with our weights whatever you have soup cans wine bottles let’s get started first position back and in so wait times but that’s going us back and it’s directly if I do start to lift it if the arms are too much it can be your chest or bring them behind on your hips lie you got it blue fondue and let’s add some arms superhero arms so it’s out in [Music] Oh let’s pull answer directly out front of you other side eight pulses eight five four three two one keep going team the weights are too much bring them down beside you or drop them other side [Music] other times keep coming from a slight Bend of that standing leg last time all right single throw it up and down come on from releve if you’re ready shoot your account dress my code directly behind you to try to jump the split jump so let the light and land softly just shoot them out and land try it no jump you’re here bingo all right team I hear some music we’re gonna go to double time are you ready keep jumping if you want go if you’re not jumping double time it’s just relevant [Music] feel free to take your break drop the weight farm keep jumping and doing jump jump jump double-time or jump keep going point that foot keep going team let’s do it you’ve got it shoot the legs back arms forward yep thanks awesome comeback in track 7 so start with first position a little plie only five it’s two steps to the right two steps to the left so keep a plie and keep a turnout bellies Bruce shoulders are rolled down and back give it a go two steps to the right and you’re gonna push your foot away from the floor in a glee fog to blue tops yeah so I really want to feel that turnout and that push away from the floor hands on hips let’s add on so – please sides adds a third position and then one arabesque we saw first connect to third and then arabesque lift go again out in that first we thought connect to third and then arabesque let’s add on crushing bleep bad pushing bleep bad our best one arabesque two [Music] second arms [Music] so we can work strength right [Music] where we can take off once drank when our best see someone out out connect third one Arabic blue a seesaw [Applause] you can sneak around it in the two outs will be John alright that’s a sea salt adding on 1.5 one turn one Erebus yeah one glissade one step into the turn one arabesque give it a go what do you want [Music] your choice how about you think about it we keep going [Music] that’s strength right there try it [Music] [Applause] [Music] one one parrot lift and lift how about strength strength [Music] strength are you popping I’m popping [Music] [Applause] [Music] whoo how about that [Music] [Applause] awesome job I’m gonna bring you down that was a great workout let’s come on down into Child’s Pose you need that stretch through your low back so just come on into a nice Child’s Pose it feels good you want to pulse a little bit you may hands little wider let’s go to striking Cobra so I want to drop my chest in and lift bring my hands underneath my sides can stay on or you can squeeze your legs and lift put over your right shoulder kind of turn your left shoulder a little bit that’s a good stretch through your obliques get at the other side push in awesome drop your knees and they’re wider so come into a wide Child’s Pose put your body relaxed news there for a little bit bring your elbows underneath your shoulders and then take your knees wide into frog flex your feet and push your hips back make sure you brace your belly that’s gonna really support your low back hands are under take the toes push them up into a plank hands underneath shoulders squeeze your butt right here we’re slip-sliding right leg and left leg out so a little tun do around the floor in a Rhonda job make sure you brace your belly push the floor away you may say and you can do it on the knees or you can lift the leg out [Music] come on into the core sit down relax take the right leg to the sky left leg extends well which how about a happy baby I’m gonna extend those legs happy baby extend the leg to the sky one leg drops drop and rise drop and rise so point and lift brace your belly keep that low back let’s speed up throw the leg and bend the top we’re almost done Jackie thank you so much for helping at strength but what’s really hard few more home thank you so much for coming in to Les Mills bar Thank You Jackie for doing that great section in the middle the peak and the hot in the hard way tracks you guys did amazing thank you so much until next time love you camera one is running that one’s running okay I’m not hearing anything I’m not hearing any I’m not hearing anything in my ears but that was a big crotch shot on that one 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 you might be able to splice that together right because that first part was fine it’s the second part so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 do I look okay like this without the okay is my belly poofing I might need a break

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