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hey guys welcome back today we’re going to be doing a 15-minute lower body workout for this workout you will not need any equipment but you are more than welcome to include a resistance band for more of the booty focus exercises we’re going to be doing one-legged glute bridges some straight leg kickbacks and also some donkey kick pulses so those would be great if you wanted to add in a resistance band but other than that you do not need any equipment besides yourself a little bit of space and a soft surface to lay on such as a yoga mat because we will be on the floor this workout we’re going to be doing seven different exercises for a minute and then the last 30 seconds we’re going to hold a wall sit and that will be the end of the first set and then we’ll complete that again for a total of two sets for a total of fifteen minutes so if you guys are ready let’s get to it alright guys so for the first minute we’re just gonna do a narrow squat narrow squat step out into a regular squat box narrow regular you can include a resistance band on this exercise as well [Music] sit back into the squats 20 more seconds here and then we are headed to the ground we’re going to do some one-legged glute bridges all right on your back right leg goes up in the air and we lift your hips up and back down when I push those hips up to the sky as far as you can hold that tension and other leg [Music] all right we’re going to flip over for some donkey kicks with a pulse you’re going to kick up up back down pulse pulse back down in other side really get that leg as high as you can really feel the squeeze in that glute and also in that hamstring and we are gonna be standing up [Music] alright so standing up right leg comes out to the side you’re going to pulse pulse down pulse pulse down you’re gonna feel the squeeze in that glute and also in that outer thigh keep your leg totally parallel so your toes are facing the front of you your inner thighs pointed towards the ground alright and other leg [Applause] we squeeze alright now we’re going to take a reverse lunge pulse pulse back up pulse pulse make sure your knees are not going over your toes you’re sitting back into that lunge [Music] [Applause] all right and other leg pulse pulse and [Music] really squeeze that glute on the way up as well [Music] all right stand up you’re going to take a curtsy lunge so leg comes behind you on a diagonal curtsy to narrow squat Creek feet narrow squeeze that glute sit down bum back keep the chest nice and tall [Music] all right we’re going to the ground like them though straight behind you he lifts up diagonally across back up back down up diagonal up all right in other leg [Music] [Music] [Music] all right last thirty-second we’re holding that we’ll all sit by the wall get down only here for 30 seconds so interest embrace it tuck that bum under a presser back into the ground engage those legs ten more seconds all right guys that was the first set now I’m going to repeat all of that once again so we’re going to take narrow squat regular squat [Music] [Music] sit back engage the booty twenty more seconds [Music] [Music] and we’re going to the ground for one leg in fluent Bridget so right leg up hips up and down up and down yeah [Music] and switching legs really get those hips up there please hold that squeeze as long as you can [Music] all right spit over into our donkey kick Pullman’s pulse tops down Hoss [Music] and other night [Music] and we’re standing up for our side leg pulses right leg comes out you’re supporting light shouldn’t move you stand the same level the whole time and other leg [Music] [Music] all right ready to know the reverse lunge pulpit what’s pulses in this workout pulse pulse and I squeeze that we sit back into those lunges [Music] [Music] we use that supporting leg [Music] all right going to be curtsy to narrow squat so curtsy lunge narrow slit get that booty back ten more seconds all right to the ground straight leg comes up behind you up diagonal up back down [Music] we drive lips you loaded up hamstring as well keep your core engaged you’re only lifting your leg don’t use your back and on the left alright guys last 30 seconds we’re doing the wall sit get down nice and low right away press your back into the ground or into the wall breathe feel the burn in those legs ten nine eight seven six five four three two one Oh give your legs a shake all right guys so I hope you enjoyed this 15 minute lower body circuit let me know how you guys did in the comments down below did you use resistance bands how did you find it also give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it as it really helps to support my channel and subscribe if you are new here and I will see you guys in the next video [Music] you

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