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[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is riley lane and if you are new here please hit that little subscribe button down there and make sure to give me a big thumbs up if you enjoyed this video first of all it’s going to get this out of the way i’m so excited i’m filming on a new camera so i literally i’m like i wanna edit this to see what the quality is like straight away so i do really hope that this has improved the quality of my videos for you guys but the main reason we’re here if you’ve been following me on instagram which if you don’t you definitely should i have been doing the lauren simpson fitness six week glow up challenge and it’s pretty much a fitness and meal plan challenge type thing i’ve actually never done anything like this before i’ll get into the reason as to why i did it later on but yeah i pretty much just wanted to like share my experiences share my thoughts share my before and afters and like everything about this challenge so first of all we can start off with like why i started the challenge it was kind of unintentional if i’m honest so normally i would go to like class based gym workouts does that make sense like i like going to spin studios there’s a big uh studio it’s actually globally i think called barry’s which is like you do half of the workout it’s running and then half of it is like weights so i’ve always just gone to like classes to work out i’ve never before the last six weeks i’ve never had a gym membership so yeah that was how i always used to work out previously but coming back to london and still working from home there just wasn’t too many studios like close to my house that i was enjoying i was literally basically like traveling almost to where my work was in central london and then coming all the way back and it was like i had two commutes in the morning so it just like did not work and so i was like what do i do what do i do and i was like maybe i’ll just sign up to a normal gym because there’s plenty of normal gyms around here like that kind of felt like my only option and i was like i’ve never done i’ve never had a gym membership before i didn’t know what to do when i went into the gym i had been going a couple of times with connor to his gym with like a guest pass and i really enjoyed it when i went with him so i was like all right let’s give this a go but then i was also like all right if i join the gym i need some sort of guidance i need a program i need something to like tell me what to do i can’t just walk into the gym like i have no idea how to make up my own workouts or anything so i already followed lauren simpson previously on instagram and i saw that she was starting this challenge and it literally like worked out perfectly with it was like started a week or two after i signed up to my gym membership and i was like all right let’s do it so i mainly did it for the fitness part of it and the like workout challenges sorry the workout plan so that i had something to do at the gym but then i was also like it comes with a meal plan so i was like maybe i’ll just try and do the meal plan as well so it kind of just happened really unintentionally but then i was like so into it as soon as it was like the first week i’m like yeah i’m gonna go hard on this i was like really enjoying it so that’s how i kind of got into it let’s share my before and afters i’ll just put my before and aft after up on the screen here while i’m talking photo wise i personally don’t see a massive difference i mean i have to keep in mind it was only six weeks so it’s not a long amount of time i can’t expect for like a full massive change there was definitely a bit of like toning in my stomach which happened on the scales so i don’t have actual digital scales we only just have like i call them analog or like you know one that just like with a little ticker thing that goes like this that just came with our flat because it was already like came with the furniture so i’ve checked on there and it kind of looks like i’ve probably lost about two ish kilos yeah i don’t know i’m not really using that as an actual measurement because we don’t have like proper scales and also unless you get like all of your fat and like muscle mass and like that kind of body scan done that number doesn’t really mean anything because i could have actually you know i mean you could actually lose about five kilos of muscle but then put on like four kilos of muscle so then you don’t really see a change in the scale so i don’t really take that as a number to go by so like i thought that doing my measurements would be a really good thing so i could see oh yeah like i’ve lost this or gained this or whatever um let’s just say i don’t know how to do my measurements i don’t know like i look at them and like week one say like my booty was like 90 something centimeters and then i did like a check in halfway through and then it went all the way it literally dropped by about 12 centimeters and then ah at the end it went back up by five centimeters and i was like i am definitely just not measuring the same part of my body every time i do that because like the differences are crazy so yeah i literally can’t use my measurements it’s like a guide of what happened either because they were just honestly like just a joke i just had to like laugh at them pretty much like all i have to go off is my photos but just generally like how i feel i just felt so good literally like i had so much more energy i felt so much like lighter and like fitter and yeah i just like the feeling from week one to like week five especially because obviously i was eating much i mean previously i i’m not an unhealthy eater i’ve kind of always eaten healthy to be honest and like really focus on whole foods but yeah i just i genuinely like really enjoyed the food that was on the meal plan but yeah i just feel so much better and like in myself i can tell like say i went up at the gym and i’m like doing something i can tell that my muscles are much more like visible now and to be honest that’s all i really wanted i just kind of wanted to like have a bit more muscle definition i wasn’t expecting to have like to like lose a whole lot of fat or anything i thought i’d just quickly talk through like the meal plan portion portion of it and then we can go through the workout plan as well so it came with a meal plan and it all like happens in the app that she has developed and it’s really cool it has like all these like swap functions so like to be honest like when you get your meal plan to say like week one i was like oh there’s so much food i don’t want to eat i don’t like eggs it’s like pretty much the only eat food i don’t eat is eggs and like there’s like eggs for like three of the breakfast i was like i can’t eat that so there’s like a cool little swap function so i used a lot i feel like i’ve gained so many cool recipes from this this is like probably one one of like the best takeaways like i cooked so much good food i’m not really a cook normally while i was on the meal plan connor also ate all of like the main meals that i had and also emma joined them for all of the dinners because we usually cook together so it was just super easy to do that and they like both really enjoyed it so i followed the meal plan like sort of mainly for like the main meals i didn’t always follow the snacks because i just kind of did my own snacks but i tracked everything in my fitness pal just because you kind of want to add and change things and like one of the main things is i’m obviously living in the uk at the moment and lauren lives in australia and there’s like a big difference in brands and like type of things like say for example you can get like really cool low carb wraps in australia and i just have not been able to find them here so there’s just different like differences like that that i just wanted to make sure i was tracking properly in my fitness pal and also just other things like i don’t know say i would take a pre-workout in the morning and that was like 40 calories for a serving of that so i wanted to make sure that was incorporated sometimes i would have like milk in my coffee so that that was extra calories that i need to incorporate so i did a bit more of like a flexible dieting approach but then mainly follow the main meals from the meal plan and yeah to be honest it was super easy like as long as i planned out my um meals kind of in at least a day in advance i would always put my main meals in and then i would just kind of decide what snacks i wanted on the day based on um what colors i had left over and to be honest i love chocolate and i ate chocolate every single night i just make sure it fit into my calories and my macros so that was super easy um i also filmed a what i’d eat in a day video while i was on the challenge so you i’ll link it up here if you want to go and have a watch of that but i just realized i didn’t mention my calories and my macros so i was on 1650 calories and about 125 grams of protein and like i mentioned in my what i eat in the day i didn’t really i wasn’t really too fussed about the carbs and fats i just i kind of let those be whatever i wanted as long as i was fitting into the calories for the day but i really focused on making sure i was hitting my protein goal because i really didn’t want to lose any weight and also protein makes you feel fuller for longer so it’s um definitely important to eat a bit more of a higher protein diet if you’re on less calories so you actually feel like satiated and another one of the really cool things was you go into you get in to a facebook group with this challenge and some girls in the facebook group put all of the recipes into a pdf form for you so you have that to keep forever which is so good you can always export all of your meal plans from the app as well but the way it’s done is a little bit hard you have to do like week by week and then you only see the recipes that you actually had on your plan not all of the other recipes because there’s like hundreds and hundreds of recipes on the app so one of the girls has done that and it’s literally a lifesaver because there’s so many recipes on the meal plan that i’ll definitely make again next up i want to talk about like the workout training plan so it included six days a week and there was three lower body days two upper body days and one cardio day i actually looked i was thinking about it like yesterday and i was like whoa i hit every single workout except for one saturday when it was my birthday weekend and i slept in i slept really horribly the night before but yeah that was literally the only workout otherwise i was going to the gym or partially i had to also do home workouts because we were in lockdown for a little bit of it literally six days a week and i absolutely loved it like i enjoyed going to the gym so much honestly like i was like up out of bed at 6 30 which has never done before ever in my life and i was like yup i’m ready to go let’s go to the gym like i had so much energy i was roaring even though it was really dark and cold and freezing and sometimes raining i was just like ready for it i looked forward to it every single morning like getting out of bed so one other thing i do want to mention is thursdays was the cardio day and i’ve realized i can’t go to the gym and just do cardio and just like go in the stairmaster or run on the treadmill like i just don’t enjoy that so on the cardio days i usually went to one of the other gym classes that i have done previously and just like go to like a spin class or some other type of cardio class instead because i just find i push myself so much more when i’m in that like class environment when i’m doing cardio so that was like something i just kind of did um myself and not didn’t follow the plan that way so a few criticisms or like feedback i would have about the way that the workout program is done is like first of all lots of things are in supersets which i really love a superset um it definitely gets the muscles working but a lot of the supersets were on like two different pieces of like machine equipment at the gym and at the moment with covid you can’t really just be crossing across machines and also a lot of them in my gym are like on the opposite side so like that was a bit difficult i had to swap out a lot of exercises because i just couldn’t use two machines for a superset so that was something that like i didn’t love about it and also there was a lot of like repetitive things for example one of the workouts in this last week was a superset of the two different exercises for hip thrusts and one was like pause to hip thrust and one was like one and a quarter hip thrust or something and then the next one was like hip thrusts and then something else and that was just it’s just i love hip thrust but like i think someone counted and it was like 133 hip thrusts in like the workout or something and i was like it’s just a bit too many i did swipe out some of those hip thrusts because i was like i just can’t do that much and my booty is killing me so yeah sometimes it just got a little bit too repetitive especially near the end and in like the last two weeks some of the workouts were really really long there was some feedback in the facebook group just about girls being like how long are these workouts like i don’t have time to do them i personally did wasn’t able to do mainly the lower body all of the lower body days because it probably would have taken me about an hour and a half in the gym and i just don’t have that time in the morning um and also like it’s covered you’re only meant to spend an hour in the gym at a time so yeah there was some of those workouts that i couldn’t finish like just due to time constraints so that was just kind of a bit annoying because i didn’t feel like i’d done it all well i obviously hadn’t done it all and like i probably could have kept going but i didn’t have the time for it so yeah it would kind of be better if they were just a little tiny bit shorter especially in those last couple weeks so i thought that i would just do a little screen record of what the app looks like so this is the app that comes with the challenge it’s super cool and just really informative as well this is kind of like the home page so it has all of the little different functions um if you go into meals this is where you can see the meal plan which is just super cool and then it has all the different days across the top and you can also go in here and go swap meal and it has heaps of different other meal options which fit into the same macros and calories as your original meal so that’s a really cool function that you don’t have to like stick to exactly what comes on it especially if it’s things you don’t like and then oh and then this is another cool function it comes up with a shopping list i didn’t actually use this because um i was buying for like multiple people as well and like a buff connor as well and you know what i mean so it didn’t really work for me but that is a really cool function if you’re just doing this on your own and then if you go into the next section there’s workouts so it clearly labels out all of the exact workouts you are doing with all of the supersets and the reps and everything and this is the same thing you can press the swap function and swap it swap the exercise if like it’s not something you can do or if there is you don’t have the equipment for it or if the gym is busy or something so that is a really handy function especially if you get to the gym and you’re like oh i need that equipment and someone’s on it you can just swap it out and then there’s also this section which is tips so there’s heaps of like advice and stuff from lauren and there’s videos and everything so that is really helpful um and then yeah these are just all the settingsy type of stuff so yeah that is what the app looks like and then lastly i just also wanted to mention the price i paid for this challenge so i actually got it on a deal she was running where you got this glow up challenge and it also came with a power booty like pdf eight week workout and i think i paid about 70 pounds for those two which for me felt like a really good value because i pretty much got like two workout plans with it otherwise normally normally i think it’s about 60 pounds or 60 something pounds just for like a challenge or like she has a whole bunch of different things you know i think it’s quite reasonably priced for what you get especially with the app and the meal plan like there’s just so much work that goes into it so that kind of seems like a reasonable price to pay for me so guys that is all of my review on the glow up challenge i hope you enjoyed this video and let me know if you’ve got any questions down below or if you’re going to take part in one of her other challenges maybe i’ll see you there so thank you so much for watching i love you all so much bye

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