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hey there i’m matthew mignante with and today i’m reviewing an interesting product it’s called instant knockout from the uk based company roar ambition also don’t forget to check out my review of the four gauge pre-workout from the same company now you probably noticed

this awkward looking bottle sitting on the table but it’s actually designed to look like a fist hence the name instant knockouts and it makes sense this product is actually endorsed and used by some professional combat sports athletes such as mma fighters and boxers it’s a shredding formula so it’s designed to help you burn some body fat while also improving certain factors of performance and enhancing cognitive function

sometimes these athletes need to meet a certain weight and so a product like this could be potentially helpful in assisting in those efforts but you know this is really an option for anyone both men and women looking for those benefits and being interested in combat sorts myself i just wanted to see what this product was all about

so i’m going to break each ingredient down talk about the formula so that if you were considering this product then you’ll have a little bit better idea of exactly what it is and how it could help you but before i do that i just wanted to mention the price because that’s definitely important so uh one bottle of instant knockout is 59 that doesn’t include shipping there are 30 servings in a bottle so that comes out to if we’re not including shipping a little bit less than two dollars a day

you can also go with the two bottle option that’s free shipping to the us and uk that is a hundred and eighteen dollars and then the best value is definitely going to be the three bottle option plus one free that’s 185 dollars free shipping uh to the us and uk and that comes out to like a little like around a dollar fifty per day per serving so that’s going to be your best value obviously but when considering the price of a product it’s definitely important to consider the quality and what it offers

so i’m gonna also talk about that later on in the review but for now let’s see if this product can deliver the knockout punch okay so first things first instant knockout contains a pretty good dose of b vitamins such as b6 and b12 which are important for cell health cell energy red blood cell formation which is important for transporting oxygen throughout the body to tissues and then we have zinc which is an important mineral for immune system health which is especially important right now and then

it’s also important for protein synthesis dna synthesis and so on and then last for the minerals is the chromium which is a trace mineral that is actually important for the function of insulin in our body which is a hormone that allows our bodies to use glucose as energy but it’s important to note though that there’s limited uh scientific evidence that shows that it could actually have any positive effects on those with diabetes

so i think that’s important to know okay so now for the powerhouse ingredients and instant knockout that are expected to elicit those desired effects so first we have 500 milligrams of green tea extract

which contain polyphenol antioxidants called catagens and these are believed to be responsible for most of the health promoting properties of green tea and antioxidants also protect the body cells from damage and i also thought it was interesting that the combination of green tea and caffeine has shown in studies to really have some positive effects on increasing energy expenditure which is calories burned and this can happen through thermogenesis heat production in the body fat oxidation or even both and this can be really helpful for your weight loss efforts

and because green tea is in or contains antioxidants it can also have positive effects on certain disease and cancers it can improve insulin sensitivity brain health heart health etc okay so next we have 100 milligrams of green coffee extract which contains antioxidants it has anti-inflammatory properties so it’s good for overall health for like preventing sickness and saving off disease and stuff like that

and then once i actually found that uh in individuals with metabolic syndrome taking green coffee extract over eight weeks signific significantly improved their fasting blood sugar blood pressure and waist circumference but overall studies aren’t as conclusive about the overall weight loss effects so next we have 100 milligrams of cayenne pepper and cayenne pepper actually is pretty nutrient rich it has some good vitamins and stuff but through my research i found that the best benefits from the best potential

weight loss benefits of cayenne are likely related to the fact that it can reduce your appetite not to mention it can also improve other factors of health as well okay so the next ingredient is glucomannan now i think this is actually probably the most impressive ingredient in instant knockouts because it’s a water-soluble fiber from the konjac root that can actually absorb water like 50 times its way and therefore along with delayed

stomach emptying it can help you to feel fuller and possibly even prevent you from overeating and there have been plenty of studies that actually show that taking glucomannan with a restricted calorie diet is more effective for weight loss than just a restricted calorie diet alone not to mention there have also been some benefits shown for gut health and because it is a fiber it could also improve factors of heart health and type 2

diabetes and then we’re going to go to caffeine there’s 300 milligrams of caffeine per serving an instant knockout which is a pretty decent amount considering that the green coffee extract and the green tea also contains some caffeine as well so if you haven’t built up a solid tolerance then i would definitely suggest you do so before taking this but obviously you

know what caffeine is it’s a nervous system stimulant it’s going to give you a big energy boost and that cognitive improvement as well so i think that’s definitely a good combination there and then you have black pepper extract which is actually used to help absorb some nutrients and products and also there are some health benefits to it as well okay so as far as the additional or other ingredients go there’s gelatin silicone dioxide titanium dioxide magnesium steroid in red dye these are generally nothing really to worry

about and i’m sure there’s probably not that much you know quantity per capsule so um you know generally these are considered safe to consume and i wouldn’t really worry too much about that okay so now let’s talk about the pros and cons of instant knockout so the pros are that the main ingredients are from natural sources which is definitely a good thing it’s a research backed product and i think that’s pretty evident based on many of

the studies that we found that supported the effectiveness of many of the ingredients on the label not to mention several of the ingredients seem to work really well together to elicit those desired effects and it seems to be pretty well dosed so you should definitely get that potency there are no proprietary blends so you know exactly how much of each ingredient you are getting in the product and you know i really appreciate the

transparency because a lot of companies try to hide their formulas behind blends and that’s not exactly ideal it’s also a good product for women so you know a lot of women they may think that these types of products are just for men because they’re more hardcore but that’s not necessarily the case and the company even states that on their website so you could definitely get the benefits too and then of course being a combat sports fan i just

really like the the look and design of the bottle it doesn’t really offer any benefits of course but it’s just kind of nice to look at and keep after you could probably put some change in it or something so okay so as far as the cons go the price of instant knockout may be a little outside of the ideal range for a lot of people however there are a few things to keep in mind

when especially comparing this product to others because it is a what i believe to be a higher quality product than a lot of other options on the markets not to mention it does contain more ingredients than a lot of other options on the market as well so you know it’s going to cost a little bit more but overall i definitely think it’s a good value and so you could opt for one bottle and see how it works for you and then obviously the better value is going to be the three bottles plus one free and free shipping so that’s

something to keep in mind and a con which may not be a con for everyone is there are some vitamins in there it may not be that useful for like most healthy adults but it never hurts to have too much vitamins i guess or

maybe it does but you know there’s a decent amount in here which could definitely help support you know your overall health and stuff and then i’m going to throw in a couple potential cons because these aren’t necessarily deal breakers for everyone but it does have some additives and fillers in

there and then you get the synthetic red dye with the capsules obviously but there but you know there isn’t much evidence that shows that these ingredients are necessarily harmful and i’m sure they’re in very small amounts anyway so i don’t think that’s anything to worry about uh you know for most people and then of course there are 300 milligrams of caffeine plus whatever is in the green tea extract and green coffee bean which you know it is a pretty decent amount of caffeine so it could be equal to like a pre-workout but um i would definitely say to be careful because you take it a few times a day spread out throughout the day and if you’re

not if you don’t have a solid tolerance built up to it then it could definitely cause some unpleasant side effects so just keep that in mind but you know caffeine has definitely shown to have some positive effects on energy expenditure so those are my pros and cons okay so who should take instant knockout and what i recommend it well i’ll say this if you’re a healthy individual who is looking for a product that could potentially help you to shed some extra pounds while also improving certain factors of health and you know cognitive function and you have built up a solid tolerance to

caffeine because there’s a decent amount of caffeine in here if you meet these criteria then i would say that you would probably like this product that would probably serve you well uh but it is important to have realistic expectations and it’s definitely not a replacement for a good training uh and

diet plan i think overall it’s a pretty good value if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below and i’d be happy to answer any or help with any questions that you have and don’t forget to subscribe to the youtube channel to see more product reviews like this

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