kayla itsines workout programe for one year

so today I’m doing another review video of Kayla at Cena’s bikini body 12-week program some of you may know that I did BB G for 56 weeks about four or five years ago and I haven’t talked about it a lot on here not too much however

the quinby’s reviews is to talk about how these popular fitness and nutrition programs are optimized are not optimized for petite women shorter women so I’m going to review BB g through the lens of if it would be good for short women and talk about my results and kind of what happens a while on the program and all of that fun stuff now this is not a a review to bash the program

I really really respect Kayla it’s eanes I think her and her husband are amazing business people and this is more just to help you guys because I want to give you an honest review of kind of what’s out there right now so in case you don’t know what BB G is basically this is a program created by Kayla it’s Ynez she’s Australian she’s a trainer in Australia and it is a 12-week guide that can be done at home or the gym requires some minimal equipment

but it’s mostly bodyweight exercises and it’s all very high intensity workout kind of like hits training meant to help get this transformation really quickly now today there’s a lot of different versions of it there’s multiple guys

there’s the sweat app she has which has all of these other types of programs like power and yoga and everything but I’m just talking about the original bikini body guide BB g1 it’s also really what sort of Instagram fitness craze back in the day and that’s the one that I’m focusing on in terms of the workouts they’re all exercises that are very high in sets they think about burpees mountain climbers jumping lunges commando type lots of body weights

but explosive plyometric movements and they’re all paired with each other so you’ll do typically four exercises back to back for six or seven minutes then you get a break and then you do that again and then you do that again and again so four times it comes out to be a 28-minute workout which is also one way that she really smartly market it is because it’s less than 30 minutes and day

however very very intense exercise for those 28 minutes so that gives you a little snapshot of the program if you’ve never done it okay so I’m going to go over six major points about BBG that I think are relevant to this video and talk about how they kind of affect us as petite women okay so point one that I want to bring up is that Kayla’s program is basically disguised cardio it’s a disguised cardio program she doesn’t really advertise it as being all cardio

however a personal trainer any personal trainer would take a look at the program and say yes this is a hits or cardio program and that’s what the main focus is it’s hits training hits style training now if you watch my videos in the past then you know that cardio and petite women is kind of a touchy subject because when we as petite short women start to do lots of cardio it messes with our appetite hormones okay so ghrelin goes up and this means we’re gonna be hungry more than we’re used to we’re gonna crave foods we’re gonna be really hungry the reason why this is harder for petite women than taller women is we already have a low calorie threshold

because our metabolisms are are slower so if you’re eating 400 cups not flaunted oh my god should I be terrible if you’re eating 1400 calories a day and now you’re suddenly so ravenous for most cardio that you you eat more you’re gonna be eating over what you burned off in the gym eating over what you’re allotted in a day and you’ll have the opposite result from what you want which is the obeying weight instead of lose weight now this is what happens when people start doing high cardio programs and gain

weight and they say well what the heck happened here nothing really happened except you messed up all your hormones and now you’re really hungry all the time and you don’t want to put yourself against yourself right you don’t want to be fighting hunger constantly as a long-term lifestyle no one can do that I can’t do that I would just eat it back because I don’t mess with the hormones if I’m hungry I’m gonna eat so off the bat it’s a cardio program and you guys know this isn’t personal with the program just any

program that is only cardio and mostly cardio using your body weight as getting for getting the heart rate up heart rate up is not going to be great for petite women for the reasons I just so this kind of segues into my next point which is body weight exercises will only get you so far when you first start out if you’ve never worked out before body weight exercises are great it’s a really really really great way to get into fitness it’s not intimidating it’s accessible you can do it anywhere using your body as weight is a really really good idea for beginner so I like that about this program for a

beginner it’s it’s good for learning how to use your body and exercise using just your body weight yes there’s minimal weights in the program but mostly not if anything she has like a couple pair of dumbbells here and there but that’s not teaching that’s not a weightlifting program that’s not at all so using body weight has pluses if you’re a beginner but it has limitations because you’re not going to be able to see results pass a certain

amount of point using just your body weight you will hit a plateau where you will need increased intensity you will need to increase the weight and in order to grow muscle and continue to burn tie and continue to build muscle and continue to build a metabolism in see results so that’s one thing that I noticed I did the program for 56 weeks we’ll get to my results but didn’t see a change and I’ll tell you I fed all for a year and one of the reasons is body weight exercise just isn’t going to stimulate the muscles enough to continue to see progress that being said when I was like 13 or 14 someone I

absolutely loved was Cassie ho I don’t know if you guys know her Blogilates but I got into fitness I mean I was in fencing and I was a competitor but in terms of like gym style stuff I got into that first using Cassie hoes free youtube videos and I thought it was so fun I love doing them but that being said also they really really have a limitation you’re not going to get to get those the body you want just using your body weight you’re going to need

to learn how to love weights and really really to build that lean muscle so the third thing I want to bring up is about cardio again so her program is not just a cardio program it’s a high-intensity interval training cardio program also known as hit hits is any type of exercise that is a short burst of all-out effort paired with a rest a short rest break and you go back and forth stop and go stop and go so with her program you’re doing burpees like high-intensity burpees pairing out the jump lunges pairing that with squat jumps or squat to press all high intensity stuff lots of pounding on the joints

and what happens with high intensity exercise and there’s a lot of research to show this is your stress hormone known as cortisol will increase when you have too much cortisol floating around in your body you will hold on to fact you will have stubborn fat and you can you can increase your cortisol levels from not getting enough sleep from being stressed about anything work-life relationships and also over exercising and also doing high-intensity exercise now on her program I was doing high intensity interval training six or seven days a week and a trainer will tell you that the maximal amount you should do hit is two times a week maybe three and very special situations where you’re trying to break down muscle but you

don’t need to do it more than once a week two is pushing it I do it once a week if that depends on what my goals at the time so I was really really inducing stress in my body and I just didn’t know it of course I could feel it I was exhausted but yeah it’s it’s really really not the best to be in a program that is increasing your cortisol this much because it’s just going to make you hold on to fat even more the other thing about high-intensity interval training is that it is high-impact so jumping the impact it has on your joints and your muscles ligaments your bones is very high it’s like running

jumping rope if you look at the lifestyle you want to live I’m guessing you want to live a lean healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life ideally if you’re doing hit seven days a week that’s not gonna happen your body cannot handle that amount of activity in a long-term way so if anything this program might be okay for a few weeks but as a lifestyle this is absolutely unsustainable you can’t do hit six days a week and expect your body to feel good it’s not going to be balanced from a hormonal standpoint that’s one thing that I really really started to notice was just I was so stressed and I had so much inflammation and the fat was not going anywhere and one of

the reasons why is because my cortisol levels were definitely much higher from doing so much okay point four is kind of about the types of exercises that are in the plan so it’s a kind of recycles exercises throughout the plan you’ll do a lot of Herbie’s have I said you’ll do a lot of burpees there’s a lot of burpees you’re not gonna go many days and you know without doing lots of them it just kind of got repetitive and monotonous and because there’s

nothing teaching you for more telling you what muscles you’re working or really like keeping you in a learning stage I just kind of got bored of the workouts I felt like it was limited they were just recycling the same ones after a while especially doing it a year there was no new exercises after the first few months it was just that for a year and that’s also not going to help you grow as a person or grow muscle because you do need to add new things in German you do need to continue to stimulate the muscles so that’s just something I hear too is a lot of people do it for a while and then realize

oh it’s gonna be like this forever there’s no other like next level and that’s okay she has lots by the way lots of programs now so it could be really different now but back then and I did the guide and then I moved into the app so I did the guy and then I did the sweat out for the rest of the year and even with the online workouts there wasn’t much variation okay I have a

bone to pick with the name so when it first came out I was young and it was called the bikini body guide and it still is but I think she um the size is more about it being the bikini body confident guide which I like more back then this was pre body positivity era this is think about it it was before the time

where people called having a bikini body being you have a body and you put on a bikini that wasn’t a thing back then it was mostly the message that I got as a young woman was get the body of a tall Australian model it made me feel like I would never have a bikini body kind of ironically there was like this oh how the beginning but you can never have because you’re small and you’re short and you’re just not gonna look like this and that was looking back it wasn’t a healthy mindset to have I just felt like I just wasn’t

ever enough and today it’s different I know she emphasizes that it’s about being bikini buddy confident which is a much better angle however back then this could be on me I could have totally misinterpreted the message but the message to me was hot tall Australian woman and it’s a big she has bikini body and like I don’t look like her so I don’t have a bikini body right that was what my young that’s what the message that I got and that made it me feel like lesser than and so when I look back on that I’m like okay the name I know that maybe it’s called sweat worn-out love it because anyone

can sweat I don’t know if I love the name it kind of it doesn’t do anything for me and I don’t think it is a body positive turn one so I’ve gone through one two three four five six okay let’s talk about my results this is my sixth point this is the most important point of the whole video I lost muscle on Kayla’s program and if you watch my videos you know that muscle is the most

precious thing for petite women because the more muscle you have the more calories your body has to spend just to maintain it what this means is you will burn calories in your sleep you’ll burn Congress when you’re not at the gym you’ll burn calories when you’re living your life and that is the goal right to burn fat when we’re not even trying to burn fat so I lost muscle

when I was doing a program because it’s all cardio and cardio is catabolic it’s going to break down muscle tissue I had no idea that it was doing this to me because I just didn’t you know I wasn’t a trainer yet I didn’t understand these concepts of the building and losing muscle I just thought that the way you get in shape was you did cardio and dieting and trust me it’s the worst

way to go about this and that’s how I went about it if you know me you know I went down that road for many years so I actually lost muscle pretty much everywhere except for my legs and the reason why is because it was all plyometrics which is light work so you’re jumping seven days a week you’re doing long jumps vertical jumps jump this is going to cause your lights to retain the muscle and grow the muscle so you can imagine I wasn’t

super happy when I ended up looking kind of I didn’t lose fat I didn’t look toned but I had lost muscle mass and I had big leg sale and that was very frustrating for me I can tell you right now I can remember that mindset of just being like I work out so much I worked so hard why did this happen

why does it look like this and and the fact that you would lose muscle on a program is a big concern to me because most programs I believe should be built around building muscle today because that’s what’s gonna make us healthiest that’s what’s gonna boost our metabolism but through the lens of petite women specifically muscle is is very important and is the most important thing for you as a petite woman because it will increase your

metabolism we already have slower metabolisms so my results on the plan and again this isn’t to shame the plan this is literally just my honest opinion I make this these videos for you to help you so I’m always gonna be honest I’m not afraid of anything here but I do also want to caveat that there is a time and a place to this program for the right population like I said beginners taller people can probably handle it know that we can’t handle it just that it’s a lot of cardio and we’ve been over this so all in all not my favorite program I did do it for a year I wouldn’t take it back or anything I learned a lot about my body and if you love it and you’re doing it currently

this is not to say it you should stop and ditch this program do what you love do what you love but if you are worth thinking about doing this program look into your options look at how you can maybe learn to lift weights if you really want to do this program in addition maybe check out I don’t know I don’t know how she has but I would just say or join my program Jayla slug I would just say that from personal experience and also now as a professional looking back at the programming of the actual workouts and everything it’s really really meant to break down fat and muscle but fruits shorter person it’s mostly just gonna break down your muscle and that’s

where I’m coming from with so you guys if you found this video helpful please give it a like and subscribe for more content tailored to petite women and if there’s anyone you want to see me review program what I eat a day or whatever obviously I am a certified personal trainer and certified nutritionist so I would love to review them for you through the lens of short-girl gang and other than that thank you guys for being here and I will see you next Monday I have a great rest of your week [Music]

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