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hey guys welcome to another day of workouts I have Karen cook with us today and she is as you can imagine very excited which is going to make it this extra fun we are today going to be doing okay I know a lot of us are going to be doing the ten kilometers on Saturday and we want to have something that gets you ready on the border of Saturday morning ready to your 10k run or if you just took a thousand burpees or Molly stone 24 CrossFit workouts are crazy but also EMF right all because ever and matters and so we’re gonna be doing our warm-up right now just for the young ones this is an over-50 workout okay – all yours or 50s staying on the sofa make an excuse to get off your button and join in it’s gonna be fun from our last so it’s just about two days after that up today think of something for you to do I hate running but we’re gonna do it to deter bigger cause so we’re gonna start with a light jog just kind of get our heart rate up a little bit we’re gonna be doing 30 seconds intervals of different things these aren’t going to be very hard it’s just to get your body a little bit warmed up before you do that bigger run there’s a few additional things I’ve added in that you wouldn’t do on Saturday morning but I’ll let you know what those are so start with our jug and then we’re going into jump ring so pretending you’ve got a skipping rope again we’re going to do 30 seconds of this great see I told you to do an easy when I’m drunk I’d only do one like a practice well then pool I’ll do one like Andy Rattus okay and then after this we are going to be doing some jumping jacks okay if jumping is hard for you you can kind of do a step I just make it bit easier thank you so much to everybody giving laying low as it stands today we’re arranged just under I think 1610 but it’s so much more okay next we’re going to be doing some ski jumps bit so just skied to the side don’t do this once a late morning and if you’ve got a dog do you need be careful be careful of you put on a Dutch Guinea here so I hope not to clap at any point but yeah you wouldn’t need to see this on Saturday morning but the other thing just helps warm you up beforehand Thanks so in this lesson we’re going to go background so let’s start again with some more jog in this amazing so yeah sighs and burpees I cannot wait to see Josh and I have said please don’t die so I have put that on there who’s there today fair play people doing it all right well and what I love is the hair with children so good locations all over the world good pasted by Rwanda people everywhere thank you say my heard about Brandon Chennai he’s doing a fancy dress to costume he’s questionable yeah okay jumping jacks and that’s so we’re gonna do that and as soon as we finish these will help you some stretches they’ll get you ready for that ten kilometers obviously I need birds get such funny looks lovely choice actor Martin able to tell when a night pens in Limassol income summer season winter season summer in the Sun okay what we’re going to be doing now is just so chic a night if you want after that we just thing with you some stretches we’re gonna start with forward lunge just try and make sure when you do that your knee is over your foot then it doesn’t go over your toe who needs the date as a right angle we’re going to do 12 in total today [Music] again how many we’ve done but then we’re gonna do 12 need to check [Music] we are going to be asking you 20 just put you on us run around 10k there’s no in the comment section wives in your favorite workplace safer what kind of workouts you’re enjoying do you like the vet variety that the cardio one stretchy ones comedy ones from your bed no instructions made from my bed with his box alone yeah didn’t quite get that Shawn but you know do you think he should wear this box on you that’s it thousand rupees oh my gosh imagine I think that’s gonna be on camera you said he was gonna film at today okay so now what we’re gonna do is we’re going to go from a drugs into bucket okay back into jog then what we’re gonna do in a second is we’re gonna do some big skips okay so your ad to those of you who haven’t skipped since primary school this is your chance [Music] and interests like you want to dance with the meadows okay now what we’re gonna do is some accelerations okay so obviously with your 10k you’re probably gonna want to pace it pretty well it’s good just to get your body ready get your heart rate ready and so we’re just gonna do some quick sprints if you’re in a room just sprint from one side to another we’re gonna do 20 short Sprint’s and then we’re gonna be done hello Vova cool down you ready we need to go opposite [Music] [Music] thirteen fifteen we got this now guys you’re all warmed up ready for your 10k don’t push yourself too much hey brah if you just want to like warm up then debit your body will be ready muscles already heart pumping what’s gonna be an amazing day you can’t wait to see you

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