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Chest exercises: Bench exercise – the types and muscles to be targeted

Benefits of bench bench exercise 

The bench press or flat chair push up is an exercise that can be used to target the muscles in the upper body, including the chest, arm, and shoulders muscle. 

Depending on your goals, there are differences between bench presses. For example, a tight grip bench bench works to target the triceps and forearms. 

Bench exercise has many benefits, such as: increasing upper body strength and improving muscular endurance, in addition to preparing the upper body for other movements such as push-ups. 

Bench exercises can also be effective in strengthening endurance in some sports such as jogging, hockey and soccer. Related articles

For more information about the bench press and how to get the most out of it, read the article.

Types of bench exercises and their effect on muscles 

There are many types of bench press, each targeting a specific area of ​​the chest. For example:

 Flat bench press exercise: In this exercise, you lie on a flat bench and push the weight up and lower it slowly toward the middle chest muscle. This exercise targets the middle chest muscle, shoulders, and arms. 

Incline bench press: This exercise is different from its predecessor, with the front of the bench at an angle ranging from 45 to 60 degrees, so you lean back a little. It targets the upper chest muscle and the anterior shoulder muscle. 

Decline bench press exercise: In this exercise, the front of the seat is raised slightly, so that the position of your feet is higher than your head. This exercise targets the lower chest muscle. And it uses the front arm and shoulder muscle. 

The grip bench press exercise: In this exercise, the position of your hands is different from the previous exercises so that it is tight. This exercise targets primarily the triceps muscle and the chest muscle. 

You can do these exercises in one serving, but avoid lifting heavy weights. Try to give yourself a day of rest to allow your muscles to heal.

The best bench exercises

1- Flat Bench Exercise:

Chest exercises - bench press

1- Equipment: iron bar (optional extra weights), flat seat. 

2- Lie on your back on a flat stool and hold the bar with a wide grip wider than the shoulders. 

3- Place your feet on the floor and keep your hips on the seat throughout the entire movement. 

4- Lift the bar up and slowly lower it toward your chest, allowing the elbows to bend to the side.

5- Stop lowering when the elbows are directly below the seat. 

6- Do 8 to 12 repetitions, depending on the weight you are using, in three consecutive sets.

2- Tight grip bench bench exercise:

Chest exercises - bench press

Equipment required: barbell (additional weights optional), flat bench. 

Use the steps mentioned in the first exercise, but this time with a tight grip, this exercise is very difficult, use light weights so as not to hurt the shoulder and arm muscles.

3- The Incline Bench Exercise

Chest exercises - bench press

Required equipment: two pairs of dumbbells or barbells, reclining seat from 45 to 60 degrees.

1- Lay your feet flat on the floor and lie back on the seat. 

2- Hold a dumbbell or barbell up in front of your chest. The palm should be facing forward with your thumb wrapped around the handle. 

3- Push the weight up over your eyes or slightly higher, with the elbows fully extended. 

4- Lower the weight down until it directly hits the upper chest muscle. Repeat the process again.

5- Do 8 to 12 repetitions, depending on the weight you are using, in 3 sets in a row.

4- Downward-facing bench bench exercise

Chest exercises - bench press

Equipment needed: barbell (optional extra weights), bench curved down approximately 30 °. 

1- Slowly lie on an inclined seat with your legs higher than your head, with your back firmly fixed in the back of the seat. 

2- Put your feet in front of the seat. 

3- The arms should be slightly wider than shoulder width. 

4- Lift the weight until your arm is straight. Lower it slowly until it touches the bottom of your chest. Repeat the process again. 

5- Do 8 to 12 repetitions, depending on the weight you are using, in 3 sets in a row.

Incorporate bench exercises into your daily routine 

If you want to include bench exercises in your program, try doing these two to three times per week. Give yourself a day or two to rest.

The number of reps you do per session depends on the weight used for the exercise. If you are using a very heavy weight, 3 to 5 repetitions per set may be sufficient to be effective. You can perform up to 3 sets and take a break between sets. 

If you are looking to burn more calories, you can do more, from 8 to 12 reps, with a lighter weight. There are many chest exercises you can do as well. 

Do not forget to focus on the rest of the other muscles of the body in addition to doing cardio exercises such as running, swimming or cycling. Following this type of varied routine is important to ensure that you are training your entire body. 

This type of weekly routine also allows you to take rest days to allow your muscles to heal. Remember that your body adapts quickly to exercises, so it is important to switch exercises every month to get better results.


Bench exercises can be effective for building and strengthening the muscles of the chest, arm and shoulder. Try to incorporate these exercises we mentioned in your workout routine. If you are not sure how to perform these aforementioned exercises, work with a certified personal trainer to achieve your goals without injury.

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