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what is up everybody this is Julian powers or you can call me JP and today I’m making a video on how to become a personal trainer and I’m also going to go over a few tips that you can keep in mind on how to be a good personal trainer but it’s mainly going to be on how to become a personal trainer and what organizations give those out which one’s the best for you which one is the best overall what what each certification is that staff get two things out of the way one sorry for my shitty s writing I write like garbage I don’t know why I always have I’m not very articulate like that I don’t even know if that’s the right word but also two I am certified by the NCS F the National Council on strength and finish so again I’ll try to be as unbiased as possible everyone always has a little bit of biases towards their towards their certification but when it comes to that I’ll just try to give you hard facts it’s about it and maybe in comparison to the other certification organizations also for the NSC and the National Council and written fitness I have their CPT manual come buy up the book for the certified personal trainer exam so and for the National Council on strength and fitness I also have the certified personal trainer a manual for that too so for those to actually have the book and for the ACSM the American College of Sports Medicine I don’t have the cpt manual but I do have the introduction to exercise science book so I can I can’t really give you a tell you exactly what the personal trainer manuals like but I can tell you basically how they’re kind of what what their system is like a little bit but also besides not having the books for all of these I have books for three the CPT manual for two I did a lot of research all these online and I got other people’s opinions so again this is a very subjective video I’m not trying to offend anybody so it’s 2016 a lot of people do get offended so if you do get offended honestly I don’t give a so watch another video now I’m just kidding but yeah this shouldn’t offend anybody but starting with the first one um is ace you if you’re planning to be a personal trainer and you’re decide oh the certification route you’ve definitely heard of ace before from again from doing review looking this up online ace from basically all across the board I’ve heard that ace is the easiest it pretty much has the highest passing rate out of all of these again knowledge is knowledge it’s how you apply it it doesn’t really matter but the fact that it is the easiest kind of gives me a little bit of indication that maybe so up there probably a great amount of ace personal trainers out there that know what they’re talking about don’t get me wrong but the fact that I has a high pass rate means that maybe they’re lenient maybe the questions are easy I don’t know um it’s hard to think that of all of these that ace has the smartest people and I really doubt that’s the case I just feel like their test is easiest from what I’ve read even people who have multiple certifications say that ace is the easiest um so keep that in mind it has many many specialty certifications so for example if you want to get a personal trainer certification and you decide ok why am i sort of certified personal trainer certification and I want to get extra certifications in random things like a corrective exercise specialist or a sports nutritionist or something or whatever it is ace has a good amount of those that you can apply other little shirts that you can get so you can kind of further your education through those it costs and for all of these I’m going to go over how much it cost I’m going to go over the baseline a package just that the the basic study materials and the tests so I’m not going to go over any extravagant bundles all of these have some type of crazy bundle that can come with it but the basic exam and study materials for ace is 599 dollars not including tax so it may come up like 650 bucks you have to recertify every two years with ace so again think about that – it’s going to cost I don’t know I didn’t looked at it but it’s probably about around 100 to 150 bucks to recertify I’m so keep that I’m on every two years so again ace is easy it’s more of like a I would say for the general population not nothing crazy you’re not going to be training high level athletes if you get someone that says I want to gain some muscle you probably know how to do that with ace again maybe not a high-level bodybuilder but a general person who wants to gain muscle if someone’s like you know I want to lose some white aces path again that’s probably we’re going to be a so someone’s like I want to learn how to increase my sprint speed and jump higher that’s probably not going to be a good certification for that that’s more towards again performance so alt is very general and from what I’ve heard it’s the easiest I haven’t took the test but that’s basically what everyone online says NASA again this is probably again one of the higher ones that you’ve seen all across the board um you’ve probably read about it maybe you have I mean maybe you’re already looking at it but that’s the National Academy of Sports Medicine I’m pretty sure that’s what that stands for it’s I heard the exam is somewhat easy from what I’ve heard them from my read I’ve seen a few people take that and then from what I’ve read online it’s it’s not and by someone easy I don’t mean like it is easy it’s in the middle for some people if you’re not really good with you know like basically the Health Sciences and exercise in general it could be hard for you if you’re someone who is in school already or if you’ve studied a lot on your own or just the generally smarter individual this might be a little bit easier one for you but I’ve heard that it’s fairly well-rounded it’s it’s it’s not it’s not bad when it comes to the amount of knowledge you get the main thing that I heard with the NASA is that it’s going to set you up for a big line gyms like for 24 Hour Fitness LA Fitness things like that those big change ins that’s going to their certification is set to set you up for to work for those it’s dead on they have a specific thing that you that they want you to do and where you want it to work so when you take that it may seem like they’re trying to almost I guess push you in a direction you can do what you ever do you want with any of these certifications but I heard that that’s what they try to do as they try to it’s basically set up so that you can work in big changes or gyms like that I heard that it’s also aimed more towards I guess you could say like good form and corrective exercise to slightly again that’s not what it’s all about but if you’re picking up this shirt and again you’re aiming for more of a performance standpoint like you want to train football players this is not the SIRT to go this is for again a general population I heard it’s almost like the ACE except I heard it’s more in depth a little bit more knowledgeable a little harder and again set you up for big change in jobs that does also to have many specialty certifications I think I’ve seen like eight or nine on there so they have like an MMA conditioning certification you can get I think they have a nutrition certification um so again that’s that’s another thing to think about the baseline package with the test is $749 it was a little confusing looking at that the prices on the website but I came out to seven hundred and forty nine dollars what I’ve seen before tax so it’s a little bit more expensive than a Stu recertification for nasa ms two years so again you got to keep that in mind you know if you’re a really busy person two years is a little shorter it doesn’t get much longer than the other ones it only goes up to three years but hey i mean if you need the extra year you the something to think about okay the third one again this is the one that i have i have a lot of experience with it it’s the NTSF it’s National Council on strength and fitness my the reason why I got this before I even took it just you know I’m not being biased the reason why I got this one is because when I read online people were saying that it’s harder than the up NASM and ace not the last two but it was harder than the general certifications out there so I was like okay that’s the one I wanted I wanted to be challenged again I was in the Marine Corps I got our due to injury is an honorable discharge but I like being pushed I like being challenged and I’m kind of a geek when it comes to training again I love weightlifting I don’t you know I practice what I preach but at the same time I wanted to be push that’s why I picked that so to me and when I took the test too I can tell that they weren’t trying to tricky with the questions but when I was taking the test I kind of laughed because I was like wow if you didn’t study there’s no way you’re going to pass it I studied for about a good seven or eight months before I took the test so um the I saw well would keep that on mine um one’s a little bit harder um again this one also has many specialty certifications so if you do go with the NCS F then you’re you’re going to be what I like to have like they have a specialty certification on soccer they have a sports need sports nutritionist certification they have a plyometric training certification they have a BOSU ball certification or you know the BOSU ball disks BOSU disks they have a certification for that they have a certification for band training they have a lot of them I think I like probably close to 20 around 20 so that’s pretty cool it costs $500 for your baseline package for your book and your your test you have to recertify every two years so again and if i have to talk about the actual knowledge in there because i said it is harder what i would say that this one does pretty good is that because then this is one and I’m certified in I repeated that but is again it was pretty in-depth this one is really good for I wouldn’t say maximizing performance but if you want a good all-around cert that if someone does come to you and they say well I want to be able to jump higher that will help with that and CSF you could they definitely have a section in there talking about a plyometric training a little bit of it and talking about speed of contraction and things like that so you can train someone in that also – I found like this one was really really good on body building it just really was the chapter on bioenergetics combined with the chapter on biomechanics combined with the chapter on anaerobic training I feel like if you were aiming for building muscle or losing fat I feel like this one is really good on that one again so if you want to aim for someone said even on like amateur bodybuilding level if you were really smart individual and you combined a lot of experience self knowledge plus kind of like the book smarts part of it and CSF is a good way to go again that’s just my opinion I’ve studied the book like twice I’ve passed the test so I would recommend now so again this is a really good for performance not so much like sports but more kind of general sports and for gaining muscle and just overall general general Phenix I gained with this one you could help someone lose weight you could help someone jump higher you can help someone gain muscle and it has a really good neutral evah for nutrition it has a chapter on macronutrients it has a chapter on micronutrients it has a chapter on supplements a chapter on weight management a chapter on body composition so basically if you’re like if you want to kind of have if you want to have a nutrition portion with your certification but you don’t want to get a whole nother nutrition esterification but you want to get balance I would definitely say the NC SF has a good nutrition part I don’t know about the other two because I don’t have a sore in a sense of books that’s the N CSF so that’s you know what I know about that one cuz I took it um oh yeah just you can see the book to again bear with me I know the book is really up I’ve studied it so much and carry two places it’s really up it looked a hundred times nicer than this but you know that the back cover is gone the front cover is gone I’m not going to show you crazy but if you look right here a lot of knowledge it’s a really big book again I would definitely recommend that for anyone who wants to be a personal trainer okay the NA nsca the national strength and conditioning Association sorry blanked out a little bit again this one is a little bit of the harder ones – I heard that the passing rate for the cpt exam is 56% that’s what I read online so that’s that’s pretty hard that’s pretty rough and I would say this one is probably on par or maybe oh I would say it maybe because I actually have this book – this one I just just got but again so this one looks way nicer as you can tell because that one I messed up this is a hardcover and the one that I got from my certification was softcover if that matters to you to me it doesn’t really matter but again just showing it to you a pretty big book if you look at the pages it has a lot of stuff in there um again I heard that that one was really hard from what I read online I haven’t took the test book just looking at the questions there there are pretty good questions to start to put the on par or a little harder than the one that I took but again it’s pretty good the biggest thing I could say what the NSEA is that they are aimed for sports performance and performance in general of becoming faster and I wouldn’t say so much as a bodybuilding standpoint like NC SF and gaining muscle yes it does definitely help with that I would say these two are very similar because I have both books I’ve looked at both they are very very very very very very similar but I would say the NSCA is probably the nutrition portion of the NSAA I felt like was way weaker than the NC SS way weaker but it was better way better on again sports performance on moving faster like if you want to be someone who wants to Train athletes I would definitely definitely and CNSC is better than all of these that training ass they have a whole chapter for plyometric and speed training not just a section of a chapter a whole chapter so yeah and then they have a whole they just they talk a lot about applying the stuff to sports also too with the NSE a if you want to get a very high insert you can eventually ask when you get it you have to have the bachelor’s degree but when you if you do plan to go to school then you get a bachelor’s degree you can take the CSCS which is a certified strength and conditioning specialist of certification and basically means you’re a certified strength and conditioning coach you can train high college level athletes with that certification I’m not saying it’s easy to get in to get a job with it again because that’s highly competitive but it’s it’s again that’s the only one here that has a certification that you can get at a high level for that type of for college level athletes and like things like that are right now I’m actually reading that book I’m towards the middle of it so it’s really it’s really high up there if you don’t have any background you jump in to try to get the CSCS certification you’re going to be completely confused and you’ll have no idea what’s kind of it there’ll be so many terms and all that really kind of confuse you and throw you off but it’s a very good book so again for sports performance NSCAA all the way it’s about $700 for the book and the exam keep that in mind there’s few special t-shirts with this one I really like it again it’s overall probably the best one on here in my opinion just to throw that out there I’m just going to throw that out there I really like mine but I feel like the NSA is a little bit better but again it’s few specialty shirts so if you want to get a bunch of extra special t-shirts they have one for military training they have one for I think it’s like a like a corrective health specialist I don’t know what the name is it’s for like disabled populations and things like that and then they have one again the CSCS and then the cpt that’s it they only have four total three besides the cpt they only got three and the CS yes again it’s four you have to have a bachelor’s degree so basically if you don’t wanna get bachelor’s degree besides the cpt they only have two so again it’s not a ton they’re what’s really good about this one too is you recertify every three years some people may say well that’s not that good because you don’t have to update your knowledge as frequently again the frequency of recertifying is not going to make someone a or good a good a trainer again I feel like if someone was a good trainer is going to study no matter what so talking to good trainers and people who are going to study in their off time no matter what I feel like that’s not much of a hassle three years is still kind of frequent you know every three years going to make sure you’re good on your knowledge and you know what you’re talking about but again I feel like it’s a little bit of a hassle every two years because think about it you get your shirt one year goes by then that next year like oh I already got to worry about getting certified again you know I mean if you keep up when you study in yourself I feel like three years is more than enough it’s more than enough time you don’t need to be that close so again sports performance every three years it’s good and if you want a very high end certification to kind of work towards the CS is the way to go I don’t have that on the list because that’s not a certified personal trainer that’s again that’s that’s for do you want to train like a football team or maybe MMA or something if you apply other techniques and then you can do that um the last one on the list is that a CSM the American American College of Sports Medicine this one again I heard it was harder and buy harder I don’t mean like again for all of these if I say harder I don’t mean you might take you for all the people who are probably thinking like oh it’s not hard at all I’m talking about for what I read online and personal opinions again you could take any of these tests and I could be easy but for a general person generally the ACSM was a little harder again this one is aimed more for I would say on a medical standpoint so for example if you want to be a personal trainer but you’re eventually maybe thinking about going into like a medical field or if you just generally want a little bit aim more towards a I would say like the physiology part of exercise definitely go the ACSM it’s again this isn’t this is kind of almost like the opposite of the performance side this is more again a more like again like exercise physiology knowing about the cardiovascular system it goes really in-depth on kind of like the nerdy stuff I don’t have a certified personal trainer book that’s what I read online but I do have the exercise science book and it was pretty in-depth there’s a lot of smart stuff in here so I really liked that one too there are a few special t-shirts for this one I don’t think they had any at all they had like two on there one or two but it was basically none they did have just like the NACA they did have a high insert too but it was for an exercise physiologist assert that it’s like college-level I think you have to have like a bachelor’s or something I don’t know you go on their website but that one’s pretty pretty hard so for like the exercise physiologist certification you’ve got to have a ton of hours in like a shadowing and clinical observation basically a lot of volunteer work so again if you want to go up and like step to a medical standpoint or you want to be an exercise physiologist but you still want to be like a general personal trainer – I would definitely go up to a CSM this is the cheapest out of all of them for the book without no membership rates or nothing just regular rates for regular person and the test and I included two of the books in there it was like the corrective exercise book and then the regular book it cost about $400 so that’s fairly good so if you want you know okay what cost $400 and for a CSM you have to recertify every three years so that again that’s also in my opinion it’s also a good thing because if you’re you’re that depending on time for recertification that’s not going to make you good make you a good or a bad trainer or a shitty trainer you are which you are regardless of certification so for good trainers I feel like this is a good for bad trainers not so much because the longer time in between research the less you’re not going to the more time you’re not going to study so so three years for that one now to sum it all up again a CSM is the cheapest and if you want to go for a medical standpoint go a CSM for any sports performance mainly sports performance things like that I will definitely go NSCA by far that’s just my opinion especially with the 3-year recertification if you’re looking for and the all-around like the all-around not like it’s almost kind of like a jack-of-all-trades it’s not the best in any one thing but it’s kind of like a jack-of-all-trades again it’s fairly good price $500 on many specialty certifications again it is one of the harder certifications but again it has a two-year recert which I’m kind of little not against but it’s whatever I would go NCS stuff but again I’m not saying that they’re the best they’re not the best so I would just say it’s the jack-of-all-trades it’s not the best at one thing which again could be a negative thing depending on what your goal is but if you’re just like okay I want a good sir I’m not trying to train athletes at a high level and I’m not trying to necessarily go to a medical I just want a good CPT out Glenn CSF if you’re trying to specialize Sports Medical NASA if you’re just trying to I guess I don’t see the point in getting the NASA or ace over any of these three that’s just my opinion if you’re going for a big change in you can go NASA McGann there they set you up right for that so in that instance if you’re like I want to work for LA Fitness I want to work for some gym Gold’s Gym 24-hour Fitness you might you could get that again I personally would in ACE to me that just seems like the weakest out of all of them it’s the easiest to get in what it I mean again that’s just my opinion from what I read online if you want to be challenged more I could say that if you’re a person who’s a little scared of jumping into the medical personal training because there’s a lot of knowledge out there go ace since it’s the easiest that could benefit you you benefit you begin prices medium so it is what it is now to say something about all of these two they are all accredited by the NCCA the National certifying I forget what it stands for it’s like national certifying credit crediting agency but basically it’s a third-party organization that kind of gives like a stamp of approval to other organizations that they think have good knowledge so all of these companies are accredited by the NCCA which means they’re all legit they all are legit again already get my opinion on that they all are legit and final notes if I had to pick one that’s all-around best that I would get to someone I would say go with the NSCA that’s just my opinion again the jack of all trades NCS F the best overall just my opinion is NSE again I’m not even certified by them either of those as good so yeah that that’s what it is what it is you can take it for a grain of salt or you can use this information if what you want how to be a good personal trainer just a few things whatever certification you decide to get the main thing that you should keep in mind is don’t be a shitty trainer and by that I mean don’t be the trainer that’s on your phone training true while they’re training people don’t be the trainer that’s over there sitting down while the person’s doing repetitions you’re not watching them don’t be the trainer that don’t be don’t be lazy and by lazy I mean get your certification then barely when it comes to recertification hunger you’re rushing or hurry up and glue over your notes again just so you can barely pass the test to me that’s garbage and I’m a personal trainer and I don’t want you to be a personal trainer and ruin our reputation if you’re going to be a piece of so again if don’t don’t be garbage don’t be lazy don’t always continue to seek more knowledge be responsible for your actions you should always be seeking knowledge also to in the fitness industry you have to have tough skin you have to have tough skin there are so many everyone wants to be the best trainer everyone has these shitty ass fads that they’re throwing out there and everyone has a really strong opinion oh I feel like a lot of personal trainers their egos are up here up here so one stay humble stay humble you do not know everything you’re a personal trainer you’re not a doctor you’re not a you’re not a dietician that’s the biggest thing too is that you’re not a dietician you’re not all you don’t know all about nutrition none of these no matter how good they are with nutrition they don’t go that much into nutrition they don’t just as general nutrition guidelines and stuff like that so you’re not a dietician you’re not a doctor you’re not a physical therapist so again stay within your scope of practice and know where you’re at don’t be afraid to say I don’t know if a client asks you something because if you don’t you’re going to just be talking out of your ass I’ve seen it too many times people try to act like they know everything and you don’t I don’t know everything on the other end don’t be afraid to stand up for what you know was right you may come across fat dice and someone may be telling someone else about a fat diet and then that person asks you what do you think don’t be shy with your answers I mean everyone there has to be a system of checks and balances here if you’re a good trainer I mean I’m not saying be a dick to people but I mean state your opinion if you think you’re right think you’re right if you have a factual knowledge from actual text and you’re not again you’re not talking out your ass defend your point I mean again there’s no need to be a dick about it but I mean be B be humble but be confident so again hopefully that all helped you they’re all pretty ok certs I get my opinion on which is best if you liked the video please like it right now I’d appreciate it subscribe and if you have a friend family or anyone that you know that’s trying to get certified please guide them to this video I would really appreciate it if you have any ideas on videos that you want please comment below I do read the comments again I’d really appreciate I like all the support but until next time peace

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