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oh gosh I am so excited to be recording this video there’s so much to talk about today I am beyond excited because basically I’m going to be summarizing every single workout guide that I have ever tried and there’s a lot even the fact that I’ve done a lot says a lot about the fitness industry in general it’s a billion dollar industry for a reason so first and foremost please understand that everything that I’m about to tell you is all based off my personal experience I just want to give you the honest truth my honest feedback what I thought about each program how it affected me the results I saw or maybe didn’t see and honestly I just want to be real with you I am by no means certified in any way I am just giving you my own personal thoughts and hopefully this could be helpful for you there are so many guys that I have tried and I love so dearly and I could rave about them all day long and then there’s some others that I’ll be very polite about before we get started of course please don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up because this video took a really long time to prepare for and to edit I’m sure future Taylor can you confirm yep subscribe to my channel follow me on instagram at killer woods with two L’s and let’s get it to this [Music] so essentially I’ll be answering pretty much all the frequently asked questions that I get in my DMS or in my comments or anything that I think about when I’m doing a workout program so I’ll show my Instagram what are things that you consider before you start a workout programs you consider the price you consider the format you consider the instructor all those things were always so important to me so I want to make sure I was answering the questions that you actually have I have a full freaking list right here so I’m gonna start in just the order that I pretty much did the programs which the very first one that I ever did the very first program that introduced me to the fitness world was the bikini body guide now the bikini body guide is now actually on the sweat app but because this was the first fitness program I have literally ever done I had no expectations for what it was opposed to look like what the format was supposed to be like I just wanted to get sick when I did the program it was originally offered as a PDF that I would use I think in drop-offs or maybe even the books app on my iPhone now it’s available in the sweat app and you do have to pay a subscription for it I would say that this program is targeted towards beginners but honestly it’s pretty high intensity each of the workouts are hit workouts themselves high-intensity interval training so if you’ve never really tried hit before if you’re just kind of looking for something that’s going to be introductory I don’t necessarily recommend this program but if you want kind of quick and fast results then yes I definitely recommend this program I feel like I actually saw a lasting change it’s when I was doing the bikini body guide even though I was literally doing it in my bedroom in the garage on the soccer field like literally wherever I could find space I was doing the guide so the flexibility is amazing I love that it’s 30-minute workouts and I don’t think the program was very good for my mental health I felt like I was very comparative to the other people of the community I put a lot of stress on myself to continue to do the workouts even when I didn’t want to do them so well I did see some really good physical results I don’t think it did the best for my mentality but then again I was so young when I was doing this program if I were to do it over again I bet I would be in a better spot and honestly have a better mindset going into it I do think the most motivational part about BBG in general is that it worked for so many different body types and that was what drew me and to begin with I saw women of all shapes and sizes do the program achieve some amazing results and honestly they seemed like they were really happy with so that was a great motivator for me starting out now I also did BB g2 which I believe is called BB G stronger this is kind of the next step up after you’ve already completed BB g start incorporating a few more weights after you’ve solely done body weight with BB g1 so I feel like you see a little bit more sculpted results because you’re using weights I don’t have much additional feedback for BB g2 other than that it is a great step up from BB g1 honestly though I feel like if you’re going to choose between the two I’d go with BB g1 I feel like I saw better results and the workouts kicked my butt a little bit more next up in the BB g family is the power program which is completed by Kelsey well Kelsey Wells has a really cool background because she was a member of the BB g community to begin with she had such great results doing the BB g program herself that she was eventually brought onto this wet app team created her power program and I believe she even got her personal trainer certification I like to doing power a lot because it felt like a really natural step from doing at home workouts with dvg to going into the gym with the power program I don’t feel like I saw as creative results with power but I also don’t feel like I was as fully invested as I was when I was doing the bikini body program if you’re a big fan of the sweat off community if you’re a big fan of those 30-minute workouts but maybe you want just a teeny bit more push I think power is an awesome program I think Kelsey is an amazing influencer I think she has a really great platform and I think that she is somebody that would definitely recommend to anybody that kind of just wants a great introduction to the gym but doesn’t really know where to start and speaking of introductions to the gym we can go to my first weight training program which was the Grace fit guide now grace fit was the first ever weight training guy that I’ve ever completed in my entire life so I saw some really great results with this program but it was also because I kind of had those newbie gains basically when you’re lifting weights for the first time you kind of get this amazing benefit of gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time so maybe that was why I saw such great results with the grace fit guide but overall I loved it when I was doing the program it was a lot more basic it was basically a PDF that I would follow but now I believe it is incorporated into her shreddy app I think I just learned in editing this that the grace fit guide is not actually offered on the shreddy app I’m pretty sure it’s almost like discontinued so I’m gonna leave it in just for the purpose of my progress and because of the great results that I saw from this but know that the shreddy app and the fit guide are completely severed from one another and the grace that guide is not offered on the shredding app personally I’ve never done this ready app but I have done grace fit guide one and two and I can wholeheartedly say that those programs worked so well for me I was initially drawn to those programs because I always thought I had a very similar body type to race that’s kind of a compliment to me kind of an insult to grace but she’s about my height she kind of has about my body structure and she was just somebody that i found relatable so that was what drew me to do her programs to begin with i wanted to get into the gym i wanted to use weights and i found the program and it ended up working really really well for me i didn’t absolutely love the structure of the program because you were doing the same exercises every other week but then again every other week you could be adding on more weights you could be making it more difficult for yourself and then you could be progressing in a totally different manner my legs are asleep i have to move oh my god oh look they’re fully asleep next up we have the natasha ocean cut training program now this one was actually so much fun for me because it was absolutely so different from any other training guide i’ve ever tried basically it involved a lot more jumping a lot more agile moves just a lot of moves that aren’t traditional in the gym but i thought this was gonna be really great for me because it was gonna be something different than my body hadn’t experienced before therefore giving me some really good results i love this program also because it was certified by a sports nutritionist who literally helped out athletes in the olympics and paralympics which is the coolest thing ever i love that everything etosha does is science based i love that everything is basically based in fact so when you’re going to do the program it feels like everything is just really legit for me this program was just really fun and I love the resources that were included with it I don’t think personally I saw some really great results probably because I was having too much fun just jumping around the gym like a little bean but honestly it is a really great program and I would recommend the Tosh’s workouts to anybody that is just kind of wanting something a little bit different she’s not like your typical fitness influencer because she has this strong background in science so everything that she does is rooted and based in science it was a little bit harder to do her program because I didn’t have all the same equipment that she uses in her program it would be really hard for me to figure out what exercises I should do if I didn’t have the proper equipment and I constantly be looking up alternatives I do think that this program promotes your overall health and prosperity and honestly I do think that you could do it for some long term results next up we have Kate Taylor and I don’t really know why she is not more talked about because she will one of my saving graces when it came to the gym I admire her so so much I just feel like I really relate to her and maybe it’s because she’s just very humble and down-to-earth and honestly just the sweetest person um I do recognize that the way I face that made it sounds like I was saying I was humble and kind know that that was not what I meant I also just really loved her story like she just kind of came up with her own workout program it worked really well for her so she came out with her guide she’s the background of biochemistry so I don’t think she’s a cpt but I do think that she was a really good and interesting perspective on a lot of health issues she has some really nice glutes that I’m very very envious of and that was the first guy that I ever did from her the glute builder and body toner I believe is what it’s called and I loved it it was a great gym program for me I felt like it got me into some of the best shape of my life I loved it I really did I thought it was really sustainable I thought it was really easy the only thing I didn’t love about it was that I kind of felt like I could have pushed myself a little bit more but then again I could have been adding on more weights I could have been doing more cardio definitely a personal problem but overall that Guy’d highly highly highly recommend I also recently purchased her Kate Taylor tone at home guide this one I have not fully completed but I really do like it because it’s a great alternative for me especially as I’ve become a lot more interested in doing workouts at home and of course with quarantine like what’s a better way to get in shape than doing it in the comfort of your home because I’m on going anywhere anyways this program is really great because it’s really easy to be able to do in any space you don’t need that much equipment or really any equipment at all but I can’t give my full opinion on it because I haven’t finished it but I would recommend even just looking into Kate Taylor she’s amazing with my knees under my legs I’m gonna move the camera down so I can sit like this please you can see Reese’s bed but she’s just chillin right here next we have the toning up program now my sister’s used to be super into turn it out that was basically how I found out about it to begin with they also started selling so many of their products in stores like I would see their granola bars their protein bars from protein their exercise equipment all over target and I think that’s kind of how they started to gain a lot more popularity in the common market as well the Common Market but I guess with the general population is what I mean I really like their vibe I think they’ve built a really great community for themselves I love that they’re just kind of all about balance and having glasses of wine and just treating yourselves here and there I think that’s extremely important and just something that a lot of people will sometimes brush over I kind of felt like their app was doing too much all at once like they had so much going on that it kind of confused me but I think my sister’s really really appreciated it and they loved every second of it and they would schedule classes for themselves and go onto the app and do the classes and they’d have the best time I love that their workouts were actually so interactive and you would be doing the workout alongside whatever instructor you had picked out for the day and I thought that was a great way to stay consistent and also to keep yourself accountable because you’re working out with the instructor right in front of you and honestly what’s more accountable than that my other favorite thing about tone it up was their recipes and their cookbooks I thought that they had such simple recipes things that I a terrible cook could even make that was by far their best thing that they ever did nutrition is so much more important than any workout program you could ever do so honestly they knocked it out of the park with their nutrition program right around the start of quarantine I purchased the home team app from Claire P Thomas who is one of the coolest athletes I’ve ever found on the Internet she’s a former athlete herself from the University of Oregon and I feel like that was what inspired me to get her program to begin with because I’ve always wanted to train like do you want ass Dean I’ve always want to feel like a total badass and honestly her program was really cool I felt like I was always pushing myself I was doing exercises that I’d never do before so many darn variations of the push-up who even knew there were so many it was totally out of my comfort zone but in a really really great way I felt like it was a lot more based on strength and just getting stronger than actually losing weight which is probably the better way to go about it to begin with all around I think she’s an awesome person I think that she’s certified isn’t she she’s definitely certified her name is CPT almost positive that she is certified all of her programs are based around the amazing idea of being a team and having that camaraderie and I think that’s what makes her stand out amongst other influencers when I was doing the program I felt like I was seeing so much better definition in my arms even in my legs just feeling really strong feeling really good I felt it was really sustainable for me on a long-term basis I think the intensity level is a little bit higher than normal but it pushed me in a way that I absolutely needed okay now let me quickly talk over a few of the workout videos that I’ve done on my channel I don’t want to spoil them for you but I didn’t feel like they’re so darn important I don’t want to overlook them either Lauren Geraldo 12:00 3:30 my absolute favorite go-to best workout of all time now this is not an exact program by no means is it cost you any money other than finding a treadmill but honestly this workout routine changed my life it is my favorite thing ever it is my go-to if I have absolutely no motivation I will go walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes I get my work in I feel shredded even though I’m not I just feel it and it just works it absolutely works if you have no idea where to start if you have no idea how to get back into the gym if you just don’t know what to do get on the treadmill walk for 30 minutes pump it up to a 12 incline walk at a speed of 3 it changed my life it absolutely changed my life for the better Chloe teen hourglass program amazing program I loved that this was a really great foundation for me I felt like it actually got me into a really good shape as in hourglass then I was expecting in just a short amount of time I did think it was really repetitive but I have talked about that before about the Chloe teen videos but I think it’s a really great option especially if you’re a beginner or if you’re really wanting to focus on just two areas of your body your stomach and your glutes the Chloe teen summer shred 2020 challenge was not my all-time favorite but I still had a really fun time doing it and yes it was repetitive and yes I didn’t see amazing results but I loved challenging myself to complete the program I loved how I felt when I was doing the exercises and just feeling strong and happy and I love that vibe that Chloe teen gives off and I feel like she’s doing an amazing thing for so many people millions of people and not many of these programs that I even listed are free so the best thing about her is that everything that she’s doing is offered or three and maybe they’re not the most sustainable maybe they’re not going to give you instant results but no results should be instant they should be sustainable they should be long-term and honestly she’s getting you up off the couch she’s getting you moving she’s getting your heart rate up and that to me makes a good workout program my running challenge I ran one every single day for a month I know one mile does not seem like that much but for me somebody who was just never a runner it felt like a lot and it felt like a lot to push myself to do something every single day for 30 days I loved that program I thought it was amazing program it’s really it was just a really good challenge for me I thought that it was a good way to just push myself to do something I was always scared of I always told myself I wasn’t a good runner I always told myself I wasn’t capable but doing that set in my mind something was really great not only for my body and getting in shape and seeing some pretty good results but also just for my mindset and sticking to something saying I was going to do it and then following through with it you’ll go with Adrian now you could probably pick out so many different yoga instructors on YouTube or anywhere on the internet but I found Adrian I absolutely love her and she is my go-to lady my favorite yogi when I just need something different if my body is so sore and so tired I’ll turn on a restorative practice which who the heck am I to say restorative practice like I know what I’m talking about but she’s done some amazing things for me and I felt like when I was doing her videos for one week straight I honestly felt such a positive difference in my mindset it did such good things for me just settling in with myself finding some good inner peace like being a yogi namaste Instagram workouts now I used to go through every single Instagram Fitness influencer that I had and I would save all of their workouts in two different categories on Instagram so you can bookmark every single post that somebody has and I would save them in two different categories like an ad category back arm legs whatever it would be so if I would go to the gym I had no idea what to do I would go to Instagram I’d whip out my bookmarks and then I would just find some random booty workout that I saw last week that I’ve been really wanting to try maybe it’s not a full program but honestly if it’s something that interests you and it’s going to get you in the gym or just get you to move your body around why the heck not when I was first getting into fitness I would pretty much save every gym shark athletes workout routines in those bookmarks but some of my favorites would be Hannah Oberg Chrissie Sheila Whitney Simmons Nicki black etre all of them have amazing routines amazing free content it is so easy for you to throw into your workout routine I just literally share often the distance when I five minutes holy thinking about nothing all of you are asking me all of the time to try out some of Pamela ahrefs workouts I see Pamela or F because I’m not exactly sure how to pronounce her last name maybe a three maybe it’s rife so I had to say Pamela RI but I did Pamela ahrefs six-pack work out for two weeks straight twice a day or was it one week straight I think those wanted me holy moly did I see some good results oh my gosh her workouts are kind of the ones that I go to when I literally have no idea what else do I throw on her videos I have the best time ever I am jamming to the music and honestly half the time she’s doing a live workout with you so she’s going through all the same pain and agony that you are that motivates me like no other I feel like she has some amazing programs that you can see some very sustainable results from everything on YouTube is of course free everything on her Instagram is of course free so again that’s amazing I love that kind of free content you love free content it is pretty tough because she does not offer you breaks that often in the workouts which can be really tough but that kind of helps me realize maybe I didn’t need the break to begin with the one thing about Pamela though is that I definitely do not have her body type so sometimes it’s hard for me to stay positive because I know that I will never look like she does but I do think that regardless she does have some really powerful workouts that can be really really helpful for you and your progress next is the alive by Whitney app and holy moly I could go into this for so long so long the fact that I made a whole video about it but I think that this app is amazing I think it’s very very basic but in the perfect way I think the app currently only has three programs on it but I believe she’s working on a fourth additionally outside of the programs there’s just individual exercises that you can throw on to the beginning or end of a workout or you could just do a full workout itself outside of the program which i think is amazing I do think that the price is a little bit steep especially if that’s not something that you can afford I do love the program for its convenience I think it’s very user friendly I think that the exercises themselves are very well explained my favorite guide of hers has been her alive at home program because well I’ve been at home I don’t feel like her program absolutely changed my body like I don’t think I lost a significant amount of weight or saw that much progress but I did feel stronger I did notice a noticeable strength differences but again I just don’t think that Whitney and I have the same body type so I’m not gonna see the same progress that maybe other people have seen they put you in a good mood you know and we all need that sometimes and lastly we have the two programs that I am doing currently so the first is the built at home by Mel Alcantara and this program is well whooping my butt I absolutely love it I can’t give a full review on it right now but I promise that video was coming because I want to review this in full in its entirety because this program is amazing I love you fat girl Mel you’re incredible but I did just do a full video living like that girl Mel for a day and that video has a really good explanation of the bills at home program as an example of one of the workouts that she includes in the app I think the app is amazing that she uses because basically you are doing the workouts live with her every single time there are no if ands or buts or no excuses you just start the video and you’re immediately jumping into I don’t know jump squats or just demolishing your body it’s crazy it’s wild but I love it and I’ve been loving the progress that I’ve been seeing from this app now the last program that I want to cover is a 75 heart now I will talk about this in its full entirety when I’m all finished but essentially this is not exactly a program but more a winning the war with yourself mentality at least that’s how the Creator has phrased it this was a program that I really wanted to shart for my mental health I kind of felt like I was getting into this rut of only doing programs for the results I was not in it for me anymore I was only in it to see how good I would look at the end of it and I just needed something that was going to basically change all of that now I am halfway done with 75 hard and if you’ve never heard of this before basically it is a 75 day program or you have to do six things per day and if you do not do all six things per day you must start over from day one and I are you feel like I am a different person and I still have like 30 days to go so I’m so darn excited to finally recap how I’m feeling at the very end of that when the time comes I hope that you’re excited to hear about that as well but if you’ve ever been interested in doing built at home by fit girl mell or if you’ve ever been interested in doing 75 hard it would be kind of cool if you joined me as I’m doing either of these programs they were a little bit more of a family we’re a little bit more of a community we’re better friends and I love that holy guacamole I haven’t taken a single sip of water of this entire time wow that was a lot of information I hope that this has been at least a little bit helpful for you I get so many frequently asked questions from you all and I just kind of wanted to compile it all into one video that is hopefully going to help you decide where do you go next or what program to choose or maybe just give you a little bit of insight on my background in the fitness industry because it has been quite the windy road one of the other questions I get asked almost on the daily is what program would I recommend the most and what program has helped me the most I would say for a beginner level if you’ve never tried anything before start with twelve three thirty Lauren dourados treadmill routine if you’re a little bit more advanced maybe I would try it Mel Alcantara is built at home or perhaps anything from Claire P Thomas if you want something that’s a little bit faster results or maybe you just want to up your cardio with a lot more of hit workouts I would look at anything on the sweat app particularly BBG one or two also if you’re looking for any kind of free content I would suggest looking at Pamela RF please let me know your thoughts in the comments down below or you can send me a DM on my Instagram at Taylor woods with two L’s I love you all so much thank you for tuning in to this I hope that you enjoyed if you did please don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up subscribe to my channel and I will see you in the next one peace what are you doing that [Music]

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