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[Music] [Applause] everyone it is our final week of bar glend week 8 is coming up so let’s push play [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] either I am coming at you from Vancouver British Columbia here in Canada I am currently traveling for work but that’s not gonna stop me from doing my bar blend this morning today is cardio day so I’m going to get my hotel room set up and push play [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey everyone I am back for my conference I am at home and Shay and I are getting ready to do week eight lean legs blend and it is our last workout for this round of bar blend so let’s push play [Music] you [Music] [Music] everyone we did it we finished the bar blend ended week eight I specifically waited until I got back from my work trip so that shade I could finish out the program together it’s the only thing that seemed right so we actually ended up doing it on Saturday morning so we finished a little later than the rest that started with us but super proud of this one here for sticking it with us and you know getting getting it done so pretty awesome week eight you know it again like week seven just really stepped it up really challenged us probably my highest calorie burn for all of the weeks overall so let’s talk results so Shay do you want to share your results for the bard one well first off I can tell that my booty is higher from all those booty buns I can tell that my body like shaped like hourglass II I can tell that I have my balance um and I did end up losing 11 inches yeah so that’s awesome Shay lost 11 inches and when we looked at her before and afters you could really tell like she said that she’s kind of carved it out and got a little bit more of like a and curvy hourglass figure which is pretty awesome I’ve lost a total of five inches so not not a huge loss but I just overall can really tell that I feel a lot more tawny tough as Shay was saying to like the the booty definitely feels a lot more bubble and higher you know I think a lot of other things outside of body image you know I think higher confidence you know really just building habits but doing our morning workout increased you know motivation and and everything else like really there’s just so much more than the numbers on the scale for barble and so it’s an awesome program and actually we started round to the week as well so I’ll be posting different types of videos not full reviews for round two but we started round two on Monday March 2nd and really the goal with with round 2 is to level up so what you know what does that look like maybe picking up a little heavier weights maybe trying some of those intensifiers and doing the more plyometric movements and doing things so I can tell you I mean over a few days into round 2 because this video is a little later than I wanted but you know it’s I’m pretty excited to kind of see the changes and starting over and leveling up and Shay’s leveling up as well also so that wraps up our bar blend review please keep watching the channel like I said I’m gonna change up how I do the videos for our around to maybe start breaking down some other movements you know really just taking a different spin on it um and it’s not too late to join us so if you’re watching this and you’re wishing that you had joined you know we really just started this week programs five days a week so you can easily get on the bar Glen bandwagon and start with us and really not be too far behind and easily make up over the course of a couple weekends Beachbody did just extend the bar blend challenge packs for the $20 off through the end of March so super exciting news there I also have some promo codes for some additional $10 off if you’re interested you know follow me on instagram watch our journey that wraps it up thanks for watching and we’ll see you at the bar

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