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back workouts for women

if there’s one muscle I wish I started training when I first started my fitness journey it definitely has to be the back [Music] I never used to train upper body I always used to neglect it I used to think yeah legs and I find you want a big bum I don’t really care about my arm so I mean care my shoulders definitely don’t care about my back well let me tell you something as soon as I trained my back as soon as I started dedicating one whole session to my back definitely started controlling my movements so I understand what I’m doing what I’m training my back my cool looks smaller my upper body look leaner and also help me lift heavier on leg days especially those deadlifts so let me tell you something if you’re someone who’s neglecting your upper body especially your back today do you want change okay you’re gonna change we are gonna go through my five top exercises that you must do or you must try next time that you have your back day you can use one or two you can alter the movement if you want you don’t have to do absolutely all five some movements will work for some people others will not before you leave I just want to say I’m decorating on my house and oh my god let me tell you something I never realized how stressful decorating a house can be I’ve got my dad outside nothing like that watch my dad paint it’s so funny how dad he’s like oh my god so my dad’s paint in my mom does want to be on camera she just with me on camera she’s like mom’s cooking mom doesn’t need to be on camera but that’s painted for moms they can off the buns me and tractor trying to juice as much content as you can Jack’s help and dad out is manic in this house but it’s not gonna stop us from getting this back day in so I just need DCAM women’s bed shake lemon BCAA so I’m gonna do this and I’m going to [Music] kick-start in this workout video we are gonna be doing bent over rows this is by far one of my favorite exercises to really contract your lats as you can see here my feet are shoulder-width apart with a slight bend to my knees as you can also see my back is so straight and this is vital the reason being is you want to keep your core nice and tight and you want to pull through your elbows now for your biceps or your core through your elbows so actually so the first exercise is leg bent over row I’m so sorry it’s super loud in here obviously the chin playing those bangin so anyway a bent over row as we saw it use a barbell you can’t use dumbbells but barbell 4 means as a better I just get a better grip over the contraction what I want you to remember we Lydian bent over rows keep your chest nice and high I don’t want you to swing your core your core needs to be stabilized this spring the only thing and the only momentum they should have is by your upper body I’m pulling through my elbows I’m not just pulling with my biceps I’m going through my elbows and contracting my last I’m contracted my muscles and then I’m bringing the weight back down trying to hold it for a good two seconds to get the optimum contraction before releasing the weight back down also another thing I want you to remember with bed of roses go light please please please leave your ego at the front door don’t come to the gym just in shitloads and heavy weights you need to be lifting lights to get a better contraction focus when you’re pulling focus on your tempo tempo is absolutely key I just realize my face is really wide compared to my body Bertha saw another day moving on to the second exercise which is a wide grip cable lat pulldown and this is by far the best exercise to create a little bit of a wider back which gives the illusion of a smaller waist and that’s exactly what we want we want that x-frame physique what I want you to do here is grab the bar with your palms facing forward and make sure that your hands are a little bit wider than shoulder width apart bring the bar just on top of your chest but don’t lean backwards make sure that your back is nice and straight your course kept nice and tight as you can see here my momentum is nice and controlled and smooth I am not speeding I am NOT being quick with this exercise I’m really really controlling the momentum and the tempo to get the optimal contraction the next exercise we’re going to be doing is a hyper extension which will help target your lower back you can do these weighted or unweighted it’s completely optional but if you are doing these weighted what I want you to remember is to allow your hands to be relaxed you are not pulling the weight with your arms you are pulling the weight with your lower back and the top of your glutes a lot of people say oh I feel this exercise more of your glutes yes you will because the top of your gluts and your lower back is all connected so make sure when you’re bringing the weight back up and you’re slowly raising your toe so back to the initial position and you are inhaling and you also are contracting if you don’t have a hyperextension machine or you simply do not feel comfortable using a hyperextension machine that is absolutely fine you can do static hold Superman and essentially all you’re doing is lifting your arms up in the air with your legs at the same time contracting the top of your glutes and your lower back for good five seconds as you see here you’re going struggling I was dying literally dying and then just releasing the exercise back down amazing alternative you can do these at home bish bash Bosh good-good nosh exercise number four has to be probably probably one of my favorite exercises to do on back day and even shoulders this is a cable face pull using ropes and you can see all types of back gains when you do this exercise just now what I want you to do is be seated when you want perform in baseball the reason being is because I do not want you to use any momentum from your knees and your legs I don’t want you to be assisted I want all the motion to come through your upper body yes this is rear delt but don’t get it twisted rear delts and back come hand-in-hand together I want you to pull the rope apart as you can see here before releasing it back down a really important tip when you’re performing any back exercise is to keep your chest nice and lifted the final exercise we’re going to be doing is a single arm cable lat pulldown stomach get me a glass of water after that because that was a mouthful the reason why I’m doing this single arms you can do these double arms but the reason why I’m doing them single is because I like to really focus on stretching the muscle out as you can see here I’m really putting so much emphasis on stretching my lats before bringing the weight back down also single arm you’re focusing on one aspect of the body at a time you’re not rushing the process and that’s what bakdae is all about it’s about not lifting super super heavy it’s about focusing in your tempo your form your breathing and the contraction please always remember that on bad day there we go my five top exercises that you must try on your next back day whoops big bump a bump and hump like mother it’s five exercises so you should try I hope you liked this video I hope you actually try it don’t just watch it and then do nothing with it yeah try something learn something utilize all I’m giving you try other jam optimize your results get those back gains make sure you subscribe to this channel and make sure that you are following me on Instagram comment down below for any future videos that you would like to see from me to you and I love you always and forever and goodbye I mean bye

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