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hey guys welcome back today we are going to be using a 10-minute toned arms workout this workout is equipment great besides I’m going to be using two five pound dumbbells so if you have any sort of weight 5 pounds will do so even if you have some jars or big heavy shampoo bottles those will work but you will need some form of weight you are more than welcome to use heavier weights than 5 pounds totally up to you and your strength levels but I’m gonna be using 5 pounds today it’s only a 10-minute workout out what we’re going to be doing one minute of a warm-up so we’re going to be doing 30 seconds of punches 30 seconds of arm circles and then we’re going to finish off the workout with 30 seconds of punches and 30 seconds of arm circles other than that each exercise is going to be one minute just follow along it’s going to be easy to follow and that further adieu let’s get to it all right so grab your dumbbells we’re just going to do 30 seconds of punches so hold it right here I just punch it out this is a really great way to warm up your arms 20 more seconds and then we’re just going to go into arm circles we’re gonna circle backward and try to figure out everybody nice and strong [Music] all right ladies stop I’m set up straight to the side we’re gonna circle backward keep your arms nice and tight nice and strong tight little circles [Music] then we’re going to head to the ground everybody do some tricep dips alright on the ground one minute of tricep dips so in a sort of reverse bridge position you’re going to want to go on your heels sink deep down into those triceps muscle nice slow and controlled [Music] [Music] / we’re going on our knees all right you’re gonna be on your knees here we’re going to come down into a push-up and then you’re going to push yourself back sitting low to the ground these storms like their childhood push-up [Music] [Music] [Music] we get that just right down to the floor notes to your Mac one more all right we’re gonna stand up and grab our weights you’re going to lift one arm out to the side and the other to the front and then we’re going to switch palms facing the ground keep a slight bend in your elbows slow and controlled we’re here for a minute so like I said you’re more than welcome to use heavier weight if you’d like for any of these exercises including dumbbells feel that burn and the shoulders we got 20 more seconds left I regret it get those arms up ten more seconds all right we’re gonna stumbled onto our weight we’re going to do tap curls so you’re going to start down here bring them up to 90 degrees and back down we’re going to do this for 30 seconds and then we’ll complete the other half for the next 30 seconds so nice slow and controlled really using hosting I’m using bicep keep the body nice and open and strong so knock holes here at my new freeze and then we’re going to go all the way up back down to 90 degrees up and fifteen more seconds [Music] try to talk those elbows into your sides all right hold on to those weights you’re going to bring your weights down in front of you lean over and turn your weights to face another leg so we’re going to do some rear delt fly so you want to flex your gamba upward like this squeeze hold and lower [Music] [Music] keep that back nice and straight your days a little bit in front of your feet pretend like you’re pinching a pencil in between your shoulder blades squeeze hold lower [Music] all right for our place you’re going to do a humor curl so wait come up like this and then we press into a shoulder press palms facing inward down and up and look we’re here for a minute don’t get lazy I know we’re just using five pounds it’s light weight but I want you to focus on form when I get back oh yeah when I get you back oh yeah ten more seconds then we’re going to drop our weights for them off to the side and we’re going to use a wall so you have a wall nearby all right we’re gonna do some concepts push up on the wall your hands are going to come like so you’re going to lower down to the wall so your forearm is flush with the wall and then press up so you’re really using those crack that lower really about all of your body weight into your hands let your triceps do all of the work we’re gonna come down onto the ground into a position all right we’re gonna do your elbows are going to be tucked in a little bit more than what our regular oh shucks you didn’t take this on your knees you’re going to lower just like you with a negative so super slow slow slow slow you’re going to hold and hover two three let your belly touch the ground and then push up slow slow slow slow hold two three lower and slow and controlled here is the key whew lower slow two three four we hold two three slower and push up one more guys pull two for lower all right grab our weights we’re going to do it a little burnout round we’re gonna do 30 seconds of punches class minute here you should really feel the burn my golly I feel the burn don’t drop those arms right we’re going to drop her away and do some arm circles forward I’m sent out circle forward nice and strong and tight don’t drop those arms 20 more seconds [Music] four three two oh and all right guys so that was a quick toned arms circuit that you can do either in the gym or at home like I said your brother welcome to use heavier weights especially for doing things where we’re doing like 5 sec curls and for the shoulders just to get more of a pump on your biceps and shoulders but you could also do two rounds of this to make it even more intense to a 20-minute arm circuit totally up to you let me know how you guys enjoyed this one in the comments down below make sure you’re subscribed because I am here every single day for the month of June and I will see you guys in the next video [Music] you [Music]

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