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Arm exercises without the need for any tools: 5 exercises to amplify, strengthen and define the muscles of the arms at home

Arm muscles:

For men, strong and well-defined arm muscles are often the most desired and important body muscle. When young people go to the gym at a young age, the first thing they ask about is often arm exercises. The reason for this interest is understandable, of course, which is that the arms are the least part of the body covered by clothes, especially in summer. While clothes completely cover the trunk and legs, the arms are often exposed to everyone.

However, arm exercises are important for women and men alike, their benefits are general and give an attractive appearance. Many women worry about the shape of their arms and the triceps muscle in particular, and aspire to make their arms better through strengthening exercises. In fact, while the biceps muscle is the first thing to be seen, the good appearance of the arms needs to strengthen the triceps muscle as well, as it is the most important muscle in the upper part of the arms.

The arms exercise:

The arms are partially exercised with exercises for the muscles of the upper part of the body that include movement of more than one joint at the same time. When exercising the chest, the shoulder exercise, and the back exercise, you will also exercise the arms

It is necessary during training the arms that you focus on squeezing the muscle you are training and do not let another muscle do the exercise. Focus on muscle contraction while moving, make sure to form the mental-muscle connection. This will help you a lot to put pressure on the muscle.

Exercise # 1: Triceps Extension

Place your hands on the edge of the fingerboard forward. And take the pressure as picture.
Keep the body straight, with arms straight and legs straight (never bend the knees) and weight on the toes. Lower the body by bending the elbows.
Focus on lifting the body with the triceps by straightening the elbows.
Auxiliary muscles:

Mainly: the triceps muscle

Exercise # 2: The Short-Lever Inverted Curl

Lay your back on the floor under a firm, sturdy table. And hold the edge of the table as shown in the picture.
Keep the torso and legs straight, the neck in a normal position, the knees bent at a 90-degree angle, and the body weight is on the heels. Raise your body by bending the elbows and keeping the head and neck in a normal position without leaning up or back.
Keep your shoulder joints stable, lower your body to the starting position again, with an elbow motion.

Working muscles:

Mainly: the biceps muscle

Exercise # 3: biceps chin-up

Start with the body straight, holding on to the mind and palms of the hands facing the face. The feet are not touching the ground. The knees can be bent if you prefer.
Slowly and steadily pull your body up the bar, keeping the torso from swinging.
Steadily lower the body to the starting position again.
Working muscles:

Mainly: the private – the private

Secondary: forearm – middle and lower bolt – stern

Exercise # 4: Close Grip Push-Up

Take a push-up position with hands shoulder width apart, elbows close to the body during the exercise.
Legs folded and stretched Lift the body up by straightening the elbows.
Lower the body again by bending the elbows until the chest hits the ground

Working muscles:

Mainly: Tri-chest – front shoulder

Secondary: the belly – the upper and lower bolt – the butt

Exercise # 5: Three-Point Bench Dip

You can use 3 chairs with each palm on a chair and the feet on the chair as shown in the picture.
Place the palms on the edge of the chairs, with the fingers forward. Keep the torso straight and legs straight. Slowly lower the body down until you feel a good elongation. Do not come down too hard to be injured. (Once the upper arms are parallel to the ground)
Push the body up to the starting position again.
Working muscles:

Mainly: the Tray

Secondly: the chest – the front shoulder

Here is the training program using these exercises for a period of four weeks 5 – 6 days a week, starting from the first level in the first week until the fourth level in the fourth week:

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