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good morning you guys welcome to today’s video technically this is a vlogmas video because we’re doing vlogmas right now but this is really gonna be all about taking my ace exam and being certified by ace now and kind of all the questions I’ve been getting recently about why I chose the program I did how to study for the exam what was mainly on the exam basically just my experience but it’s going to be heavily weighted on the exam itself because that’s what I’ve gotten a lot of questions over so to get started the word of the day for vlogmas is going to be certified because I just got certified that’s why I’m making this video you guys want to be certified that’s why you’re watching this video so vlog this word of the day is certified for those of you who don’t want to continue watching goodbye thank you for clicking comfy video I will see you tomorrow for a normal walk for everyone else I hope you guys find that is very helpful I’m really just gonna try to go through as much content as I can to help you prepare for your exam what I found really helpful and hopefully help you manage your time better and not waste time focusing on things you don’t need to focus on so first things first I am certified by ace I chose this program because it just fit really well with what I wanted to do I want to do and am doing online coaching and this program just seemed like it was best for that and all of the reviews I watched and just the research I did all kind of pointed to acing good for my specific career so that’s why I chose it my recommendation for all of you is to just do your own research there’s NASM ace there’s a bunch of different programs out there and all of them are going to differ a little bit do you want to work in a gym like lifetime or LA Fitness and be a personal trainer through them if you want to have your own business and do in-person in-person training in like rent no space all of the different programs might cater to that career choice a little bit better so just do your research now getting into ACE and how long it took me before I took the exam how the exam was all of that jazz all the stuff you’re probably here for so ace gives you six months to learn all the content I purchased the biggest package so I got this big book I got the essentials of exercise science book which is definitely a lot smaller and then the study companion and then you obviously get online access to the whole course and the practice exams and all of that so I personally followed the online course to a tee I didn’t skip any chapters anything it told me to do in all the lessons I did it which in the beginning is a lot of reading out of this book the essentials of exercise science it stressed me out holy cow there is a lot of information in there it’s a lot of physiology and biology and just a lot of anatomy and it’s a lot all at once especially when you’re just getting into it and I was like holy cow I’m never gonna be ready for this exam this is so much information but as you work through it I do think it’s beneficial to go through all the information as they have it laid out because you’ll see all of the information kind of come back and come full circle and they keep touching on terms that are important and by the time you get through the lessons you start to have a great understanding of what they’re talking about and you even start to understand everything in this book which was like mind-blowing to me so the fact that I was able to come back and understand a lot of the terms that I was so confused about in the beginning was huge for me and it made me feel a lot more confident so I do recommend following the plan that they lay out you don’t necessarily need this book I don’t think there was anything other than the nutrition that they specifically talked about in this book you definitely need to know the general nutrition guidelines out of here like water intake calories per gram of carbs fats proteins alcohol and all that jazz which we’ll get into in a minute but the main thing you need to study is this book like I said if you follow the plan it will have you deuce assignments and readings out of each book but this is the main book you’re going to want to spend your time on being familiar with the language they use and just how they word certain things is going to help you significantly on the exam and anything that they highlight in here like there’s a lot of these they have all of these key concepts the one thing I did leading up to the exam was go back and basically read all of those key points again because all the stuff they highlight is generally going to be on the exam now studying wise I probably could have taken the exam a little bit sooner than I did but the lack of knowledge and like being able to reiterate everything that was in this book stressed me out so I was like okay well if I don’t understand this then how am I gonna be able to take the exam but like I said you don’t necessarily even need that book the main thing out of there is the nutrition guidelines so I probably could have taken the exam sooner than I did I did take the full six months I also have other stuff going on but I would say don’t rush into it the longer you take the better because at the end of the day you’re going to understand the information more and I just think you’re gonna be a better trainer if you have a better understanding and even though you don’t necessarily need to know a lot of the information out of this book to take the exam it’s still really good information to know and have at least a knowledge of and that’s why they have it in the online study plans I wrote a whole little list not little big list over oops overall of my recommendations on what’s on the exam how to study for the exam all that stuff starting off when you are ready to take the exam you’ve gone through the whole online portion or read this whole book in the back in Appendix B I think it is yes they have an exam outline and there’s four different sections domain one is client interviews and assessments that’s 31 percent of your exam domain 2 is programmed design and implementation that’s 33 percent of the exam so all questions are weighted differently along with each section domain 3 is program progression and modification at 19 percent and then domain 4 is professional conduct safety and risk management and at 17 percent so they go through and list basically everything you need to know if you haven’t already gone through that that’s the very first thing you should do kind of just like scan through and take a look at what things you have just like a good knowledge of right off the bat after reading it or if there’s some stuff you like I don’t really remember or nothing’s coming to your mind when you’re looking at it I would definitely go back and look at those sections aside from that they have to practice exams online once you get done with the whole lesson plan the ending it goes through there’s like four different videos one for each section where they go over a broad overview of the section that is not enough to take the exam like you definitely have to go back and study and read things out of the book make some flashcards over the topics you don’t know just watching those four videos is definitely not going to be enough so I watched all those videos and then before I started really studying I took the first practice exam just to see where I was and I did not pass the first exam I got like I was one or two points away from passing the first one which normally would stress me out but it didn’t stress me out because I hadn’t gone back and really studied yet that was just like my knowledge right off the bat so I at least knew I was at a pretty good starting point because I was close to passing that first one there was just some things I realized I needed to really focus on because it breaks down your score per section which is really nice to help focus you in the right direction on what you need to better your understanding up now going into the exam itself I’m assuming every single person gets relatively similar questions I know some of them probably are different the exam is 150 questions and you have three hours to take it but only 125 of the questions are graded so there’s 25 like experimental questions they might use in upcoming exams or something like that but the questions are going to vary a little bit test to test but in general focusing on the concepts they talked about in this appendix B is going to be huge and as long as you have a good understanding of those you should do perfectly fine on my exam that I took which is now four days ago this is what was most prominent on mine there was a lot of questions over in hearings and they were worded like what’s the most / best way to communicate with your client for adherence so it was going over like behavior and basically just ways that will get your client to stick to the program I had a lot of questions over that I feel like there was definitely questions over smart goals the specific measurable attainable relative and time-bound there is also a lot of questions over phases of learning the cognitive associative autonomous and then also the visual verbal and kinesthetic there is definitely a good amount of questions over proper form or correcting for more like looking for imbalances and thankfully I watched a youtube video basically like the one I’m making right now that I found really helpful I knew that they were gonna have videos on the exam which they did not have on the practice test which I kind of wish they would have done I don’t think it necessarily prepared you the best that it could have it’s one thing to have the knowledge of it but it’s another thing to actually see it and have to figure out what imbalance is going on not just knowing the definition of something it’s like actually looking at them looking at their posture and watching their movements that’s a little bit more difficult so I would recommend looking at videos for that they had a good amount of questions over the proper forum during movements like squats hurdle tests and then based off of those there would also have questions about deviations and conversations during the exercise so like I said you’re looking at those videos knowing the movement screens and they hadn’t worded like the best way to teach your client proper squat bench whatever and I think I had two or three questions where the answer was lordosis but definitely be able to recognize those different postures and let’s see what else here you have to know the program design based on goals hypertrophy strength training or endurance training and progressions and regressions how to regress someone with lordosis from like if they’re doing a push-up and you realize they have lordosis going to their knees to help take that pressure off their back and contradictions for tests most of them I think we’re related to low back pain and at least on my exam there are some questions over safety what’s the first thing you should do in this situation or whatever knowing the rice acronyms transtheoretical model I actually only had a few questions over the transtheoretical model which I was kind of surprised about because I feel like they really like drilled that into your head in the book in on the practice exams so that’s where I think everyone’s test is a little bit different because I thought I was gonna have a lot more questions over that knowing the nutrition protein carbs fats how to calculate all of those looking at food labels definitely know proper water intake and the recommended protein values for a person I feel like I got that question a ton on the practice exams I had like two to three water questions on the actual exam so going over that was super helpful and that’s what was in this book the essentials of exercise science has a whole section over water intake nutrition protein like it breaks down everything I think it’s chapter 4 chapter 4 is really the only thing I looked at in this book they have a glycemic index chart which I had one question on the practice exam I don’t I didn’t have a question over that on the real exam so yeah fluid intake recommendations during exercise definitely look at that chart and then just make sure you look at all of the macronutrients that’s really all you need to know out of that book also know how to calculate BMI the most accurate way to measure BMI and also make sure you know the special population know how to work with a pregnant female know like postpartum working with young adults children and then also working with elderly the things you really do not need to know and you should not waste your time on is the whole section on yoga and Tai Chi there is not a single question over that it’s not listed in the outline the exam outline in appendix B it wasn’t in any of the practice exams and it definitely wasn’t on the real exam so that section I was all worried when I was reading it I’m like holy cow how am I gonna remember all this I’m not a person who does yoga all the time some like this is a lot of knowledge that I just don’t know if I can remember all this thankfully you don’t have to I think it’s another example of just something they want you to have a base knowledge of or if someone’s talking about something you can be like oh yeah I read about that and have a little bit of knowledge not just like what are you talking about yeah so anyway don’t waste your time trying to memorize all that yoga tai chi section skip that they don’t ask you to label muscles on the exam however I do think it’s very important for you to understand all the muscles they have a link on their website that helps like it basically shows you one specific muscle at a time and where it is in relation to everything else and it will like take away the other muscles around it so it you can see what muscles are over top of it what’s underneath it where exactly it is and that was super helpful because if you understand where each muscle is if there is a question on the exam you’re not totally sure up or if you don’t remember the compensations on a movement test if you know where the muscle is you can generally figure out what is going on so I would recommend looking at that muscle website they have listed that was super helpful for me you basically just don’t need this book I don’t know if there’s a package that you can pay for where this book does not come with it because I ordered the largest one so I’m not sure what codes than the other ones but I do think it was helpful to have as far as the nutrition section is concerned but they do have a whole like FDA guidelines page for the nutrition section so all the information in here I did not use is it helpful could it be helpful yes but to pass the exam you don’t necessarily need to know the information in here I’m glad I have it because I can go back if I ever have a question or want to understand more of the physiological stuff more I can but mainly just focus on the appendix B go through everything study the things you right off the bat need to know more and you should be good make sure you also know the forms I think I have like three questions over the informed consent form and like what it means and so know the difference between informed consent liability those were the general theme of those questions I had was knowing the difference between informed consent liability know the different types of liability what liability you need to have and like the different situations for what they cover I think that’s really it this video is kind of long sorry about that but I hope it’s helpful good luck taking your exam or if you are just getting into wanting to personal trainer and you’re looking for a certification I definitely liked aces program but like I said in the beginning depending on where you want to work and what your end goal is like what you want to do with your certification ace might not be best for you maybe NASM is best for you I know I work out at lifetime and they prefer their trainers to have a certifications I’m pretty sure that or NASM certifications I think NASM focuses more on working with the special population like they talk about that a little bit more depending on what you want to do what certification you get which will just probably differ a little bit but just do your research and you will be fine you’ll figure out which one you need and yeah that’s all I have thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope it was helpful I hope you enjoyed it I will see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog back to of vlogmas why does everybody show me what it’s like to drink

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