5 false information about dieting

Nutritionist Manal Saadeh, along with a group of trusted influencers in the world of nutrition and sports, launched a campaign on social media entitled “# Myths-must-die”,

aimed at correcting common misconceptions about “diet” and sports.

Dietitian Manal Saadeh

In the following, highlighting five wrong information, in this context, with its correction by nutritionist Manal Saadeh,

who advises the readers of “” to “refrain from dealing with unreliable sources of information, with the advice of specialists in the world of nutrition when making a decision. Weight loss, “warning authorities and companies seeking to make money by exploiting all desperate unsuccessful weight-loss attempts.

“Eating at night is responsible for weight gain.”

The healthy body of the body requires securing its needs of nutrients and calories, whether at night or during the day,

given that the advice of dietitians

aiming to stop eating three hours before bedtime is related to avoiding problems of indigestion,

and it has nothing to do with weight gain.

On the other hand, staying up late at night leads to a feeling of “emotional hunger”

and a request for sugars and citrus fruits, according to Saada, a specialist.

“Drinking green tea after a meal is effective in burning fats.”

Green tea has many benefits for the body, but it is not a fat burner, according to the specialist, Saadeh, who does not recommend drinking a cup of it immediately after a meal,

especially if the contents of the latter are full of iron,

because the tea contains a substance that reduces the body’s ability to absorb the mentioned mineral.

It is worth noting that there are no fat burning drinks, according to them.

“Gluten-free” foods for better health! “

If it is stated on the packaging of any product that it is free of “gluten”,

this does not necessarily mean that it is healthier or that it contains fewer calories.

“Gluten” is a prohibited substance for individuals who suffer from an allergy to wheat exclusively,

so if your goal is to lose weight,

there is no need to spend extra money on buying gluten-free products,

whose prices usually increase, compared to the “regular” foods,

These products do not mean that they can be consumed too much without causing weight gain.

What is the diet that gets rid of belly fat?

Often people complain of the inability to lose fat concentrated in the stomachs, buttocks or triggers, and they ask about diets to lose fat from a specific area, especially belly fat?

However, no specific “diet” regimen loses fat from a specific area of ​​the body, according to Saadeh,

a specialist who calls for a search for a diet that targets all body fats,

with patience while following it to reach the desired goal.

On the other hand, some believe that the secret behind losing weight is to keep exercising,

while the truth is that the studied diet aims to lose weight, with the help of exercise, but doing the latter daily,

without paying attention to nutrition, does not achieve the goal.

Detox for weight loss

The body does not need “detox”, which is wrongly described as “effective at eliminating toxins”. Rather, there is the liver and kidneys to carry out the process of eliminating toxins naturally.

Therefore, there is no need to spend huge sums of money on products and mixes bearing the name “Detox” on their packaging,

or to exhaust yourself by following “liquid diet” for days to lose weight, according to the specialist.

Detox water in turn, the water that is often talked about is nothing but water flavored with fruits (or vegetables or cinnamon),

in order to adjust its taste, and encourage people to drink more fluids, which will positively affect the organs of the body,

and help in losing weight.

Saadeh Adahaa concludes, saying: “No to complicating matters; the key to losing weight is to follow a diet that contains essential elements, taking into account the quantities of food,

in proportion to the goal and the needs of the body, away from deprivation.”

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