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10 easy exercises to strengthen arm muscles

Of the exercises that everyone strives to do, arm exercises that help strengthen those muscles, and indirectly help the body to strengthen and enlarge the muscle.

Continuing the exercises with the same routine with repetition on the muscles, stimulates the muscle mass, makes it able to adapt to strong exercises, and it paves the way for folding the upper half of the body.

There are dozens of exercises that can be done in that framework, but the best of those movements is the recruitment of abdominal muscle masses that work to strengthen the muscle significantly, and here are 12 different movements to strengthen the muscles of the arms, provided that the exercise extends for a day or two a week.

1) Dips exercises:

In this exercise, your feet are on the ground, while holding the rings in gymnastics, then you raise the body at the level of the chest, then raise yourself to the level of the elbows, then back down slowly by bending the elbows, with a frequency of 8: 12 times, and it works Significant development of upper body muscles.

2) Rope exercises

the exercise begins by attaching to the rope horizontally, while attaching it to the shoulders, then pulling it towards the shoulders, provided that the rope is pulled with one arm, with 10 times pulling, and the muscles isolated strongly, then rotating around the rope.

3) Climbing the rope while lying down:

It is an exercise in which you attach the rope vertically with a frequency of 4: 6 times, making sure to hold the rope with a strong grip, and then climbing with a frequency of 4: 6 repetitions, which is an important exercise for the core muscles with resistance against gravity.

4) Stretching exercises with elbows bending 10:

12 times, with an increase in the level of resistance and effectiveness with more movements, which allows more resistance, and in the end the muscles grow properly.

5) Biceps rope exercises

which are exercises in which you make waves for a period of 20-25 seconds, which requires full control of the ropes, and from difficult angles.

6) Wide grip exercises:

They are exercises that rely on lifting the weight and then slipping in the hand, with coordination and the ability to move, with repetitions of 10: 12 times.

7) Strength exercises with rope waves:

It depends on the presence of waves of ropes that are made by swinging the rope using the arms from 20 to 25 seconds, with the ability to generate waves and load more weight through the ropes.

8) Stretching exercises with chains, while bending the elbows and lowering the body, until the head comes at the level of the bar with a frequency of 6:

8 times, which works to great stability for the muscles of the body, which are all exercises that enhance stability.

9) TRX exercises:

Through these exercises, you put both feet in the iron bars, while pushing the hands simultaneously with repetitions of 6: 8 repetitions, which is a difficult exercise, and it puts more pressure and resistance for the upper part of the body.

10) Cable-tightening exercise with one arm:

It is an exercise that works to recruit more muscles, especially the core muscles, at a frequency of 6: 8 times in one training group.

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